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    Thanks To Everyone Who Participated In Our SMS Letter Writing Campaign!
    Time to kick back in the sun and let nature take its course...

    Our Little Girl Has Grown Up!

    SOS To Take Extended Vacation

    The original purpose of this campaign was to get our favorite TV show (the initial 65 episode syndication package of "Sailor Moon") back on-the-air in the United States. After that occurred we set out to get the remaining episodes of one series dubbed (the final 17 episodes of "Sailormoon-R"), then the animated features released (Sailormoon-R, S & SS) with more series dubbed (starting with "Sailormoon-S").

    With all of the recent, frenzied activities taking place concerning "Sailormoon" it looks like there will no longer be any need for our campaign.

    Over the next few weeks we plan to finish all of our remaining stories and then leave our pages up for as long as possible. Hopefully we will never need to return to this campaign again. We might have to if certain censorship issues arise (we're against it you know) or if some other problems emerge.

    None of the recent developments concerning "Sailormoon" would have happened without you, the fans. As we have long maintained, we only report the news, give analysis and then suggest what needs to be done. It has been up to you to take action or not. (And it looks like enough of you did.)

    Thank you for saving Sailor Moon.

    Yours Truly,
    The Save Our Sailors Team


    Our Convention Coverage Begins With...

    Tsuki kara no Tegami!

    We dispatched two of our top reporters to that far away place known as Japan to investigate how they hold their conventions! Read of their shocking, true, harrowing ordeal through a trial of fire as they were subjected to being Guest Judges in a Cosplay from hell! All that and more in this bare-knuckled exclusive report!

    Meanwhile, In The United States...

    AnimeExpo '99 Report

    What a difference a year makes! A year ago we attended enmasse the San Diego Comic-Con where we had a great time except for how Naoko Takeuchi was handled. At this year's AnimeExpo we had a terrible time except for how Kazuko Tadano & Hiromi Matsushita were handled. Could someone get it right please? Here's our report.

    Cool Logo What's Hot?
  • Animated Features
    Pioneer Entertainment to present all 3 of the animated features and finally advertises the release of the subtitled VHS version. The members of the SOS Campaign present 6 really good reasons (and more) on why we should buy all the versions of the "Sailormoon" features!
  • Off-Topic
    Our Neighbor Dragonball, the success of Pokemon, and that Bermuda Triangle of anime, Airbats.
  • SOS International Support
    And what is with this SOS Russia?
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  • Support Sailor Moon by Buying Sailor Moon Goodies!!
    Try to make your purchases from the Sci-Fi Channel Store or maybe give a visit with their "Sailormoon" specific page (but you won't find the terrific RPG game there nor Coast To Coast's new line of watches)! Meanwhile, on the "Inedible World of DiC" front, the chocolate Easter "Bunnies" continue to delight at the same time the "Sailor Moon Pasta" continues to cause stomach unrest to our friends in the North. On the domestic front, Rhino Records' Anime CD continues to please while our Toy Roundup addresses the international arena.
  • Italian Sailor Moon!
    All this talk about pasta has made us hungry for some manga!
  • Sailor Moon Sightings Of A Different Kind!
    Of prehistoric times, of the sci-fi kind, of the deviant, defiled Disney kind, of the United Airlines kind, the Airbats kind, of the ReBoot kind, and of the Justice League of America kind.
  • Comic-Con Comments
    Read Stu Levy's response and our reply!
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  • Hi Everyone!

    "Gift Certificates, Make Up!"

    Pioneer To Delay Dubbed Versions

    Hey, that looks just like Ail/Allen! But it's not.Pioneer Entertainment has changed the release of the 3 dubbed animated "Sailormoon" features to the year 2000. (We expect a release early in the year.) Suggested retail prices have been set at US$14.98 for the VHS releases and $29.98 for the DVD releases. The subtitled VHS versions are expected to be released as scheduled in August.

    We believe that the delay is because of additional commitments made by the parties involved.

    This change could impact Pioneer's overall sales as November/December is the number one sales period for Home Video Releases. The change might increase the sales of other Pioneer releases for the Holidays with "Sailormoon" left slugging it out in the normally dead (but less competitive) January/February period.

    As with the delayed "Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book," the SOS advocates fans preorder the releases or makeup their own gift certificates to give as presents for the Holidays.

    We've been told that this is the proposed cover art for the "Sailormoon-R" animated feature VHS release scheduled for August 10. Special thanks to Jimmy for finding this scan currently on's site.

    Well now, here's a twist.....

    Calling Concerned Parents!

    Usagi, did I hear someone say ... nikuman?
    We know you're out there! We've gotten enough mail from you! (Thanks for all your kind compliments!) But now we may need you to be ready to speak up--in public! On TV shows, in letters to editors and stuff like that!

    You see, we're expecting the "Sailormoon-S" television series to get dubbed and with it there may be some unneeded controversy concerning the unsaid relationship between Haruka & Michiru. Did you know that there are some people out there who still fear that TV shows help determine one's sexual orientation? We had no idea! It's shocking! ;)

    Even worse, there are parents who actually want children to be totally unprepared and ignorant of the world! They don't want television to help prepare children for the world. They also want to control what you pay for; they want control of cable television and all forms of media.

    We do not think that this is a good idea.

    Mind you, this isn't even about violence. (There aren't many guns in "Sailormoon"--that's one of the reasons why we watch it!)

    Do you feel the same way as we do? We hope so! Please join our Action List and make sure to visit our page in the near future. We may have the "Freedom of The Press" but we do not yet have the "The Right To Receive."

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  • Ami, I think Usagi broke your computer!

    But I was so sure...

    Time To Cash In!

    Prizes For The Sumo Senshi Contest!

    Where's that penguin with my lemonade?

    We haven't picked the winners yet but we have come up with some nice prizes!

    Courtesy of Kid Rhino, our top 5 finalists will win their own copy of the new "Lunarock" CD--now available in every decent music store near you. (If not, you can special order it!) They will also win their own SOS Membership Pin--of which only 200 have been struck and will make their premiere at this year's AnimeExpo!

    The 1st Prize winner will also receive a copy of the "Sailor Moon" Issue #1 Pocket Manga from Mixx Entertainment (and who says we don't love Stu?)! And the Grand Prize winner will win the new Sera-Myu "Theme Songs 1993-1999" CD to go with their copy of "Lunarock!"

    Watch for our announcement of the winners in the weeks ahead! And special thanks to the very kind and generous support of Rhino Records!

    Lunarock scan
    Initially released by EMI Canada, this 2nd "Sailor Moon" CD is now available in the United States from Kid Rhino. These songs were produced for the final 17 episodes of "Sailor Moon - R" and since there were not enough of them for a CD an additional 2 tracks of original Japanese songs were added. The songs on this CD are:

    The Power of Love

    I Want Someone to Love (Raw Remix)

    I Want To Hold Your Hand

    Who Do You Think You Are?

    Moonlight Densetsu (Japanese)

    Daddy's Girl

    Ai no Senshi (Japanese)

    Nothing at All

    Myu CD scan
    On the left is Fumina Hara who took over the part of Sailor Moon in 1998 after Anza Oyama (on the right) played the role from 1993 through 1997. Anza is a singer in her own right and also recently recorded the new theme song, "Tobira o akete" for Card Captor Sakura. The songs on this CD are:

    La Soldier
    from "Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen" - 1993

    l'amour d'amour Moon Light
    from "Usagi Ai no Senshi eno Michi" - 1994

    La Moon
    from "Yume Senshi Ai Eien ni" - 1995

    Densetsu Tanjou
    from "Sailor Stars" - 1996

    La Fatalite Sei Senshi
    from "Eien Densetsu" - 1997

    Everlasting Moonlight
    from "Shin Densetsu Kourin" - 1998

    from "Kaguya Shima Densetsu" - 1999

    La Soldier - 1999

    Can you see (or guess?) the 'big picture?'

    Hey, wait a minute.....

    Just Whose Odango Is This?

    Sailor Moon is copyright © 1992 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha, TOEI Animation. English Language Adaptation © 1995 DiC Entertainment. This site and all of its contents are presented without the authorization or knowledge of the copyright holders.
    The SOS campaign is initially the result of efforts by members of the Sailor Moon mailing list (on looney). The SOS team is an independent non-profit group not connected with DiC, Toei, Disney or The Cartoon Network. To contact us, email to (please do NOT attach any image or other binary files!)
    The MIDI song you should be hearing in the background is Suki to itte (Say you Love me), provided by "Rini" Yoshiaki.
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