I was bored on the Comic-Con page!  So sue me!Who let Bad Badtz Maru in again?

Eat me!

Those Darn French!

They are good for some things, the Eiffel Tower, making use of snails and... "Sailor Moon" Pasta! Yep, we've been sitting on this earth-shattering development for months now but thought that someone's got to break this story! That someone is now us!!!

Chock full of Sailor Goodness in every bite! Imagine our surprise when we first encountered a can of this stuff. Are we supposed to eat it? And if so, would one really want to eat something from "The Incredible World of DiC?!" (Garcon, I demand that you take this back! I ordered something from "The Super State of Saban!")

And it's from Canada you say? And so that makes it alright? As if Canadians, the French or French Canadians are known for their Pasta. And it's from Heinz! And so now you know how really yummy it must be! French Canadian Pasta made by Heinz from "The Incredible World of DiC!" Honey, get the stomach pump out--we're eatin' tonight!

(At least the main ingredient is water. Can't go too wrong there.)

But you know what has us really disturbed? Not that you can finally eat your favorite character (hold on there--we already have "Sailor Moon" gummi candy!), it's that Queen Beryl is smiling like your Mother on the label! Look at her! What does that mean? It looks like she's about to say, "Mmm, mmm, good!" Wait a minute, wrong company...

(You know who sent us this can? DiC! And you can guess how they feel about us! [Andy Heyward, "Did they eat the poiso-- pasta yet?"])

Well after staring at this thing for a couple months (in an ad hoc preservatives test) we had our food taster pop the lid and take a bite! He's still alive and making jpegs for us! He reports that it actually doesn't taste bad! (Which we, respectfully, point out leaves room for a lot of other adjectives.) And his jpegs suck.

Anyhow, the next time you find yourself fleeing the Highway Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard or happen to be Canadian pop over to your local bilingual supermarket and pick-up a can!