A Shocked Nation Shaken To Its Core!

Deviant Draftsmen Defile Disney!

Partially Hidden Sighting Revealed In Disney Adventures!

Cover of Disney Adventures
Innocent Monthly?
Probable communist sympathizer, artist Kevin McCarthy along with comrade colorist Chris Sotomayor have dared to besmirch the wonderful Walt Disney Co. by sneaking-in a reference to a certain anime star along with other similar "messages" in Disney Adventures magazine! (Play this magazine backwards--if you dare!)

We understand that these two hoodlums have been regularly playing Disney for dupes as their comic "Alien8" is a reoccurring feature in said monthly! But thanks to the keen eyes of one Stacy Chapman,their subterfuge was unmasked with the December 1998 issue! Thank you Stacy! All of America thanks you!

Look closely at the second panel....
The page in Question