Yasuo Yamaguchi Animazement 2002

Our southern correspondent returns to find the Chief Planner of "Sailormoon," the creator of "Fushigi Yuugi," Professor Tomoe and a few other surprises!

Dejiko, of Di Gi Charat Omochabox's New Store

The celebration and festivities for this event were cancelled after the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington D.C.

Kunihiko Ikuhara Animazement 2000

Our southern correspondent found themselves hypnotically drawn to this anime convention held in North Carolina where "Sailormoon" and "Revolutionary Girl Utena" director Kunihiko Ikuhara would be in attendance. When did Raleigh become a hotbed of anime fandom?

Clip from Otakon 99 T-Shirt Otakon 1999

We assigned some of our East Coast members to checkout the 1999 Otakon, held July 2-4 at the Baltimore Convention Center (BCC) in Baltimore, Maryland. Only six years old, Otakon has become one of the biggest anime conventions in the region. Over 4,500 in attendance hailed from either a New England, Mid-Atlantic or Southern state. Were you there too?

CC98 Web page snapshot 1999 AnimeExpo

With Naoko Takeuchi not making any immediate return engagements, we converged upon the largest (and one of our favorite) anime conventions outside of Japan! But, were we in for a few surprises!

MM99 Cosplayers 1999 Moonlight Memories

We dispatched two of our top reporters to that far away place known as Japan to investigate how they hold their conventions! Read of their shocking, true, harrowing ordeal through a trial of fire as they were subjected to being Guest Judges in a Cosplay from hell! (Okay, well it really wasn't all that bad--in fact, it was kinda nice and an honor!)

CC98 Web page snapshot1998 San Diego Comic-Con International

We prepared for the creator of "Sailor Moon" Naoko Takeuchi's appearance for months in advance! We put together a new biography, discussed presents, learned a little Japanese, got lectured on what not to bring up, proposed an Online Chat, made badges and finally went off to one of the most beautiful cities in America!

AX98 Web page snapshot1998 AnimeExpo

We were there! On the floor, at the panels, viewing the screenings, in the masquerade, behind the scenes and in the spotlight--working for you! No LD left unturned, each CD examined, every toy perused to give you the ultimate story of the number one anime event outside of Japan!

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