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Dumpling Head? We Beg To Differ...

A True Chocolate Bunny

Those darn Canadians are at it again--messin' with our heads! (And Usagi's too, apparently.)

When we heard that some of our friends in the Great, White North had Chocolate Bunnies for Easter we thought they meant rabbits! Silly rabbits! No! They really did mean Chocolate Bunnies! ("Bunny" is the translation of Usagi [Serena's real name] in Japanese.)

Vadeboncouer (which makes a whole line of taste treats) created a "Sailor Moon" chocolate for this last Easter (1999). Weighing in at a hefty 275 grams it's a treat that would satisfy even Usagi's sweet tooth. It also came with a "Moon Rod" (ow!) and a sticker! But is Vadeboncouer making some sort of anti-feminist statement by making her head hollow? We hope not!

At only $5.99 Canadian it's a steal! Import some today! And since it's from the "Inedible World of DiC" you know that it'll last for at least a year! (Hey U.S. anime store owners! Pick this item up! We'll buy it!) Below is a list of locations which stocked the item:

The SOS is proud to support Pfahl's Drugs, for all your over-the-counter, prescription, and Easter chocolate needs.  Why not stop by your neighborhood Pfahl's today?
What? No location in Regina? We'll just have to vacation somewhere else!