Sailor Moon on U.S. TV

September 1996 Why Sailor Moon is Getting Canceled
A look behind the reasons the series was dropped from Syndication.
January 1997 The Return of Sailor Moon
DiC and the Program Exchange plan to give Sailor Moon another chance at syndication this summer.
February 1997 Thank Yous and Printouts
We asked fans to thank those responsible for making the show available again and to send printouts to Local TV Stations to pick-up the series.
March 1997 Report From NATPE
Preliminary report about how well Sailor Moon did in this year's NATPE (National Association of Television Programming Executives) convention.
17 New English Dubbed Episodes
Irwin Toys, the leading sponsor of Sailor Moon on Canada's YTV Network has made an agreement to present 17 new English dubbed episodes.
May 1997 Sailor Moon On USA!
USA Network starts daily broadcast of Sailor Moon nationwide on June 9, 1997.
June 1997 Tuxedo Mask Silenced, and Sailor Mars Too
To the disappointment of many fans, some of the orginal voice actors in Sailor Moon will not be reprising their roles...
December 1997 Sailor Moon Off USA.
Change in ownership of the USA network caused major shuffling of programming schedules, as a result of which Sailor Moon was taken off the air... Broadcast of Sailor Moon continues on most local TV stations however.
April 1998 The Program Exchange To Distribute The 17 New Episodes
The final 17 English dubbed Episodes of Sailormoon-R (SMR) will be made available to local TV stations in the United States starting in June!
Irwin Toys and Sailormoon-S (SMS)
Irwin Toys and the possibility of dubbing the English language version of Sailormoon-S (SMS).
The Program Exchange Gets Sailor Moon On The Cartoon Network
The Cartoon Network will be the new Network home of Sailor Moon this June!
Challenge from Utah KSTU FOX 13!
All Utah viewers unite if you want a "Sailor Moon Marathon" on KSTU FOX 13!
July 1998 The Cartoon Network Says, "You're Welcome!"
The Cartoon Network thanks fans for their overwhelming support.
August 1998 Sailor Moon #1 in Toonami!
The Cartoon Network reports that Sailor Moon is the number 1 rated show in their daily Toonami block of anime programs.
No Deal On SMS TV Series
Our Irwin Procott is unsuccessful and there will be no new dubbed episodes in the foreseeable future.
The Cartoon Network Delays The 17 New SMR Episodes
The Cartoon Network delays showing of the 17 new SMR episodes until later in the Fall in an attempt to promote viewership.
September 1998 The Cartoon Network Cares!
In an unprecedented show of support, the Cartoon Network featured Sailor Moon on the front page of their website.
October 1998 How The Final 17 Episodes Of SMR Got Scheduled
The Cartoon Network forgoes the November Sweeps and instead presents the series in order!
December 1998 How Dragonball Became #1 On Toonami
The ratings of Sailor Moon dropped when school started, the Fall TV Season began and when Dragonball got added to the Toonami line-up.
DiC, SMS & You
DiC made several attempts to get the SMS TV series dubbed but to no avail. The problem was no longer with ratings but with the way the business of television was/is changing. The SOS announces its intent to start a second campaign concerning the SMS series.
January 1999 SMS Letter Writing Campaign
We launch a campaign for fans to write to 3 lucky executives with 3 entertainment companies to get SMS dubbed. We explain why letters (and not petitions) were selected.
April 1999 Ratings At An All Time High!
Surprising everyone (even us), the ratings for the show go up on their third airing on The Cartoon Network!
"Lunar Eclipse" Marathon/Renewal
A delay in renewing the series coupled with the announcement of a "Lunar Eclipse" marathon signals possible hardball negotiations. The program was finally renewed and we are all friends once again.
January 2000 DiC Loses All Options On Additional Productions

We sat on this story for months so as not to disturb any negotiations concerning new episodes.

Cartoon Network To Revamp Toonami

The Cartoon Network informed us of changes and the possible expansion of the Toonami block. We alerted fans to the possibility of new episodes of a certain odango-haired maiden.

March 2000 DiC To Be Production Company For Any New Episodes

We received word that DiC renegotiated itself back into any future deals. Adds Game & "Gundam" A Hit

The network's Online site adds a "Sailor Moon" game and Bandai gets cocky over "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" being a hit.

Sitting Out This Dance

No sooner do we post the news that DiC had gotten the production rights back that we're told that they don't. We decide to sit out this dance until whatever was going on got settled.

June 2000 Cartoon Network Announces SMS & SuperS

The Cartoon Network finally announces that they will air the new series and we fill in some (okay, a lot) of the missing details.

July 2000 Optimum Writes to Fans

Fans beseiged the Cartoon Network with emails & letters complaining about the new Voice Artists in SMS. Optimum Productions responded with an open letter to all of the fans.

August 2000 An Episode Goes Missing

An episode of SMS fails to air and we explain why.

September 2000 Start of SuperS

We ended up with the exclusive announcement of the start of airing the series SuperS on the Cartoon Network. The network had no ads in other media, placed nothing on it's own web pages and didn't even run interstitials (that means commercials on their own network)!

October 2000 Toonami Executive Interviewed posted a RealAudio interview with Sean Akins, a Cartoon Network executive who oversees Toonami.

November 2000 Terri Hawkes Gives Birth To Twins

We report on their birth and where to write, send gifts & Christmas cards to the family. (Please note that there is now a new address at the bottom of the page.) Ms. Hawkes' management also confirmed the timeline behind her absence from recording the television series SMS & SuperS, leading us to believe that she could return to the part of Serena/Sailor Moon.

December 2000 Another Skipped Episode

We finally report on a SuperS episode dropped by the Cartoon Network back in October.

February 2001 The Cartoon Network Schedules Features

After a premature listing by their Online site, the network informed us that they had acquired the animated features and scheduled the first 2 for broadcast.

March 2001 The Cartoon Network Delays Features

The network delayed the features just days before the first broadcast of Sailor Moon R since the fine print on the contracts had still not yet been agreed to.

Cartoon Network Starts Up Reactor

The network tests delivering anime episodes via streaming over the Internet. We report how SOS visitors fared during our own, earlier tests.

April 2001 Cartoon Network Temporarily Drops Series

Poor ratings of SMS & SuperS repeats caused shelving and we asked fans to email the Online site to choose return. The Features continued to be delayed and the network still showed no interest in Sailor Stars.

June 2001 General Mills' Continued Sponsorship

And which local U.S. television stations were carrying the first 82 episodes at the time.

July 2001 Cartoon Network's Mixed Ratings

Written in June, this story took ultra-long to fact check and didn't appear on our site until July. The network did not refute any of our findings.

YTV Screws Up

We took advantage of a network screw-up and asked fans to write to Cloverway concerning the adapatation and the music cues of the series SMS & SuperS.

August 2001 Kids' WB Trial Run

For 2 weeks a sampling of the Cloverway produced episodes were run to test a wider audience reaction.

Features Finally Acquired for Broadcast

The Cartoon Network & YTV completed negotiations for the features.

September 2001 Terrorist Attacks

How events in New York City & Washington D.C. initially affected the Sailor Moon community.

Features Scheduled for Broadcast

YTV scheduled the features on Canada's Thanksgiving Day while The Cartoon Network held them back to keep viewers during the very competitive November Sweeps.

November 2001 YTV Presents Feature Marathon

With very few commercials, YTV was the first network to present all 3 features with special wraparounds taped in Japan with Rini's new Voice Artist, Stephanie Beard.

December 2001 DiC Renews For 2 More Years

The Program Exchange renewed episodes 1-82 until June 2004 while the Cartoon Network continued to leave episodes on the shelf. Also, more stories from Ground Zero.

YTV & Irwin In Co-op Deal

YTV viewers could play an online Sailor Moon Mahjong game to win Irwin toys.

January 2002 Syndication List & Fox Kids

A list of stations carrying the DiC episodes and the possible ramafications of the sale of Fox Kids (4Kids Entertainment won the bid)!

May 2002 The Series Returns to The Cartoon Network

All the behind the scenes reasons which are incredibly boring but very important.

Fans Advertise Return
We provided some printout posters for fans to advertise the return of the series.
July 2002 The Cartoon Network Suddenly Drops The Series

And how we urge fans to contact the network.

August 2002 Hamster Disaster

Why the Cartoon Network dropped a Moon Princess to help a sick, expensive, over-sized rodent.

SuperS Feature Repeated
A make-up to fans or a brush-off? You decide!
January 2003 Syndication List

Fans helped track local broadcast of the series from September 2002.

February 2004 Final Syndication List

With their syndication rights expiring on May 31, The Program Exchange could only book a few stations.

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