So they didn't like the Teletubbies Dolls after all?

Returning Stupid Xmas Gifts?

Unidentified Organization Maintains Its Secrecy!

In the liner notes concerning "Sailor Moon", Fred Patten (of Streamline Pictures) wrote, "...And when it was taken off the air, a 1996 Internet protest campaign is said to have won 30,000 signatures to put it back on."

Do tell?! I wonder who they are? We would certainly like to meet them! (And why is it that we think that they may have gathered more than 30,000 signatures?) Maybe they could help us get episodes of "Sailormoon-S" dubbed? ;)

So it's time to get serious? Don't want to blow it a second time? But you say there are no anime stores near your igloo? Hah! Anime is as close as your nearest music store with Rhino Records "The Best of Anime" CD!

After the success of the "Sailor Moon" CD, Kids Rhino created a compilation of the english tracks to other popular anime series. Recent shows such as "Cat Girl Nuku Nuku," "Ah! My Goddess," "Cutey Honey" and "Macross Plus" are included--along with old chestnuts like, "Astro Boy" and "Gigantor."

The Rhino site also has samples of some of the cues--but be forewarned! They intentionally have low quality to prevent pirating. The actual CD sounds a lot better!

Know your anime heritage! Exchange that "Rugrats" soundtrack today!