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Not much doubt about what inspired this photo!
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United Airlines Prank

Here's a sighting no one made! Because one would have had to have flown United Airlines in the month of February 1999 or actually be on the (physical) mailing list of (and then actually read) the "Mileage Plus Update" for the same month!

United Airlines in-house "in-flight" magazine, known as Hemispheres, featured on the back inside cover an ad for their "College Plus"--a frequent flyer program designed for college students. One model appears to have finally gotten her wish to emulate a certain cult anime star.

Orangey Cover
Hemispheres Cover
Inside back cover
College Plus Ad

What's even more bizarre about this particular sighting is that it was made by the creator and editor of our Sightings Page! After months of rejecting hundreds of Baby Spice nominations ("Not close enough to be Usagi") and all sorts of other hair wannabees ("Uma is no Rini!"), they got on a flight to Los Angeles and made this sighting--their very first! "After months of always being the last, now I was the very first! I kept on waiting for someone else to notice this one but no one ever did."

And as to the validity of this Sighting, our editor held even higher standards than usual--passing it around our clubhouse to verify the "coincidence." There's not much "coincidence" here--this is a hardcore major prank played by one of the world's biggest airlines! Next time, we know which airline we'll be flying! (Well, also ANA as we kinda like their Pokemon fleet!)