Hey Kids! What Time Is It?

It's Sailor Uranus Time!

Yes it's true, our favorite les-- err, our favorite new Sailor Soldier, has finally entered the American mainstream courtesy of (an unsuspecting company?) Coast to Coast.

Cover of December TwistPage 73 of Twist Magazine
Page 73
Appearing in the December 1998 issue of Twist Magazine (initially sighted by Julie Tran) in a spread entitled, "I gotta get a gift...and I only have $20!" this timepiece will be the talk in every Girl's Locker Room! Don't be left out, get yours immediately! We predict that this little number will be a hot collectors item in the years to come--once everyone finds out who she really is!

Twist doesn't declare where the product is available, stating only that it's in "selected specialty stores." We received reports that the watch had been sighted in such regional chains as Hot Topic and Claire's but didn't find any at our local branches. We're going to try ordering through a jewellry/watch shop and suggest that you might try the same. (Also check your friendly, neighborhood anime store or by mail order.) Get yours today!

And kudos to Coast to Coast for featuring Haruka! What an excellent pick! Would you want to buy a Serena/Usagi watch? It'd always run late! Now Haruka, there's a watch! You just know that it's going to run on time, be punctual and have a strange tendency to always interrupt solo female violin players.

If you shouldn't find the watch you could always bug the hell out of the Coast To Coast people. While we applaud their merchandise, their Online site leaves something to be desired.

First unearthed through the perseverance of "Gaudiora" this is one of the worst "professional" sites we've ever seen! Yeah, we know that it's not meant to sell stuff Online but those slow-loading pictures, the lack of descriptions, the use of xeroxes (yes, xeroxes!) as graphics! Get us out of here!

(Even their domain is all wrong! They've listed themselves as an .org instead of a .com! Wait until interNic hears about this! And don't even bother complaining to their webmaster!)

But that's not the point, the point is that sites like these finally blow the lid off the hereunto secret "Junior Miss" wholesale/retail world. So if you should ever need to find that hard-to-get "Sailor Moon" merchandise--take a look at the Coast To Coast site first (and then bother them about it)! We know you will.