Hey wait a minute! Whose room is this?


Why, Takuya Isurugi's Of Course!

Yes, that darn flight mechanic of the 801st Tactical Training Squad, in the OVA series "Aozora Shoujotai"! (Translation: "Blue Sky Girls Squadron" which was retitled as "801 T.T.S. Airbats" for the English version.)

We have that poster!
Take a close look at the poster next to his computer!
Isurugi is an otaku of sorts and makes a real impression (not necessarily a good one at first) on two female jet pilots, Sergeant Arisa Mitaka & Sergeant Miyuki Haneda (who sounds awfully-like Ami/Sailor Mercury).

Caught playing in his quarters with a "Pyogera" (a Godzilla-like toy), Sergeant Mitaka notices just how many otaku-like items fill Isurugi's room.

Besides a "Sailormoon" poster and resin statues, there's a Millennium Falcon and other references as well. In a later episode (well, episode 6), we even see a poster of Shinji Ikari (of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" fame which was produced by Studio GAINAX which co-wrote "Aozora Shoujotai")!

We have that poster, too!
What's that over Isurugi's shoulder?
(The connections, coincidences and references are endless. Isurugi's room is clearly a bermuda triangle of the anime production world. Watching the series, one is challenged to identify them all!)

Meanwhile, back to our female Sergeant Mitaka, who then stops to consider of Isurugi, "How old are you?"

Hah! She's one to think that! Mitaka is always trying to act cool and mature but has a lot of growing up to do on her own! Mitaka may think this way since she's part of that famous all-female flight squad, the aforementioned 801st TTS. It's a good thing they're just a PR tool! It's a good thing they'll never see combat! It's a good thing that--

Oh you get the idea. Just take a wild guess at what happens to them and visit our "Airbats" page for more about this exciting series.

Awwwww, you know Sgt. Mitaka really likes this stuff ;)
Sergeant Mitaka having second thoughts about her mechanic's maturity.