Blame Canada?
We're Not Letting Cloverway Off The Hook
YTV Update!
An Even More Special Opportunity For Canucks Only!

Recently we posted a story about how YTV screwed-up and told Canadian fans how they could write to the wrong website concerning the dubbed version of the series "Sailor Moon S" and "Sailor Moon SuperS." This gave us the opportunity to advise Canadian fans that they should instead email Cloverway (the Executive Producers for the series) until the company "gave up." They may have given up almost instantaneously.

We've received some conflicting information regarding one of Cloverway's email addresses so now we are advising Canadian fans to send snail mails to the company. If Cloverway should complain we will instead ask ALL fans to write directly to their superiors in Japan. (So please no complaining Cloverway!)

It's now become REALLY IMPORTANT for Canadian fans to write. Why? Because, if you've noticed, Cloverway hasn't said a thing to fans about the recent problems with Sailor Moon. At least Optimum apologized, Cloverway (which has taken credit on all post-DiC productions) has not. More so now than ever, it appears to us that Cloverway will not accept responsibility for what has happened and would not do so with "Sailor Stars" either!

And so what about it Canadians? It appears that once again, the future of Sailor Moon maybe up to you. Why are you the lucky ones? (But make sure to save your wrists for our upcoming "Sailor Stars" campaign!)

Blame Canada?

Roland, we wouldn't check your email if we were you....
YTV Screws Up
But A Special Opportunity For Canucks Only!

One of our roving correspondents, Deepa Trivedi, was anonymously sent a (we hope this isn't true) YTV "Anime Bulletin" with a howling error and a revealing bit of information. Deepa reported, "i am not sure how i got this, but apparently, people are ticked in canada regarding sailor moon..."

YTV reportedly told fans, "Many of you have complained about the new voice of 'Sailor Moon' this season. We are sorry if these new 'Sailor Moon' episodes have fallen short of your expectations. In addressing your concerns, we would like to point out that YTV has no role in the production of the series. This means we are not responsible for the voices, translations, theme music, etc. We hope that you can understand that we air the series in the format in which it is received from the distributor."

"When producing and editing a series such as 'Sailor Moon', it is not uncommon for some changes to occur from season to season. For instance, voice actors may choose to discontinue their work with the program, which of course means that new actors need to be hired. We can totally understand how frustrating such changes are to the fans of the show, however like in all areas of television, sometimes such changes are unavoidable!"

A YTV executive? No!!! We now love these guys & gals!

As readers of this website may recall, we have already reported that Terri Hawkes could now return to her role and that we believe that the original cast members could do so as well (under the right conditions). But YTV went on to report, "You may want to try contacting Voice Stars with your concern, they can be contacted at They are responsible for many of the 'Sailor Moon' voices." is not responsible for any of the voices for "Sailor Moon." It's a support site started by the original voice Director for the series, Roland Parliament. You may or may not be able to contact the Voice Artists through the site today which seems to be offline anyhow.

When "Sailor Moon S" premiered in the United States fans were given the rare opportunity to address their concerns concerning the Voice Artists directly to the ADR Director, Nicole Thuault of Optimum Productions. We felt that this was not the correct venue to discuss the separate issues of adaptation and the music cues since these overall decisions were made by Cloverway, (the "distributor" which YTV refers to in its Anime Bulletin). Though, it should be pointed out that Cloverway does have final approval on all of the Voice Artists.

Canadian fans who are now fully experiencing "Sailor Moon S" & "Sailor Moon SuperS" appear to be complaining to YTV as much as fans did in the United States to the Cartoon Network but have not been given the same opportunity to address the companies responsible. But we believe that such complaints have already been made very clear to Optimum and that it would serve no purpose for fans to contact them today. (We think Optimum has gotten the message.)

The same could not be said about Cloverway.

So, for a very limited time and to spare Optimum any additional unremitting grief, we encourage Canadian fans to send a letter to Cloverway (and not an email to as YTV advises).

Canadian fans should send only one letter and to keep it as short as possible. The shorter your letter the greater the chance that it will get read. Long letters, in all caps, with no paragraphs, will probably not be read.

Canadian fans could comment on the Voice Artists but have a unique opportunity to discuss their feelings about the adaptation and the music cues. While Cloverway could claim some innocence concerning the Voice Artists it is their responsibility to see that a successful adaptation is produced.

Send Your Letters (and make sure you use enough stamps) To:
Cloverway Inc
444 West Ocean Blvd, Suite 1000
Long Beach, California 90802
United States of America

Canadian fans who may have complained to YTV a little too harshly are encouraged to apologize and to thank the network for at least presenting the new episodes. If you check our "Finding A New Home?" story, you'll read that we may well soon be banging on YTV's door to put up the money (and the right Voice Artists) for the final season of the series, "Sailor Stars."

Gomen nasai!

Send Your Apologies & Thanks To:

We think that YTV is waiting to see if Cloverway & the Cartoon Network come to an agreement concerning the features. If they should, we would expect YTV to sign a similar contract; if not, YTV may or may not negotiate on its own. Fan input may not serve any purpose at this time. Fans should wait until the Cartoon Network deal is signed or not.

Fans maybe interested in knowing that "Sailor Moon S" & "Sailor Moon SuperS" are airing on Tuesdays at 6:30pm Eastern & Pacific, Saturdays at 3:30pm Eastern & Pacific and Sundays at 1:30pm Eastern & Pacific on YTV.

Although 6:30pm is not the ideal timeslot for new episodes, we understand that the network is doing this for 2 major reasons. A key executive knew that the new episodes would not be well received (and so why give it a prime slot?) and even a mild boost of ratings at that hour would help YTV's overall commercial sales (which we hope it's doing). The other timeslots are terrible (and perhaps deservedly so).

("Dragonball Z" is on at 8:00pm--now that's a timeslot!!!)

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