Look closely!
We interrupt our turmoil for a.....
Sighting Of The Weezer Kind!

Although we have been filing every important sighting made by fans we thought we'd actually post this one as our "Sailor Stars" campaign is temporarily delayed.

In what must be one of the hardest sightings ever reported, "Miss Kitty Fantistico" was able to discern that a sticker of the Sailor Senshi in kimonos is on the guitar of Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of the band Weezer. Take a real good look and you'll be able to make them out yourself. For hints read the bottom of Miss Kitty's report.

(Man that's a tough one!)

Coincidentally, 5 days after Miss Kitty's sighting the band performed 2 songs on NBC's Saturday Night Live. There was a close-up during each number but it appeared to be a different guitar than from the sighting. But the band is to appear again on Tuesday, June 5, 2001 on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien. (Technically it'll actually be on Wednesday, June 6 but just think of it as very late on Tuesday, June 5 at 12:35am. The band probably won't hit the stage until around 1:20am.)

Fans so inclined may email Conan to request that he ask Rivers if he has a Sailor Moon sticker on one of his guitars. (And if you're under 16, make sure to let Conan know if you're going to fake out your parents to stay up late to watch his show!)

So far there's been no reports of any special lyrics (as with the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies) but does this mean we have to start playing Weezer's CDs backwards and stuff? You'd better like Weezer alot to start doing that! And we were not all that surprised to find out that Rivers Cuomo maybe a Sailor Moon fan. He certainly seems to fit the err, "profile"--you'll have to read up on his recent battles to find out what we mean!

Have You Seen Us?

When we first posted this story we sent out a call for fans to find a scan of the original sticker artwork. Within hours Jean "Sailor Unicorn" remembered where she had seen it before--on one of our favorite sites, Marie Kropf's "Moonshine: The Eternal Sailormoon Heaven Galleries"! You'll find it (plus many more) on her Group page! Thanks "Sailor Unicorn" & Marie Kropf!


Well Weezer did perform as scheduled on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien but sadly Rivers Cuomo did not bring his guitar with Sailor Moon on it--and we could see why!

Weezer performed one of the same songs that they had performed on NBC's Saturday Night Live and within that song is a solo for which Rivers seems to need a specific guitar to get an effect. We guess that the guitar with Sailor Moon on it is for other songs. Perhaps one day a Weezer fan or Rivers himself will let us know for sure!

Meanwhile, we encourage fans to continue their sightings and to report them here dutifully for filing, possible investigation and feature story reportage!

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