'Puu, have you been speeding up time lately?'
This Week's Newest Development
We're Going To Sit Out This Dance!

Just when we think we're finally winding up our news coverage comes a new and unexpected twist in the proceedings. A change which all of the fans should love but one (ironically) we hope we had absolutely nothing to do with. So with all these new twists and turns we're gonna sit down for once and just, "...watch the magic happen." Join us in watching a certain network and a certain website for a special announcement. (Remember, as we have always maintained, such an announcement belongs to the companies that put up the money!) We hope the announcement's soon cuz' this waiting is terrible!

We would be remiss in our duties if we did not point fans to Optimum Productions' announcement that they are "in production" of the English dubbing of "Sailormoon-S" and "Sailormoon-SuperS" television series.

The "twist" revealed: DiC blew it again or even more than anyone believed.

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