Comin at ya from coast to coast!
More VA sightings!

YATTA! Our favorite VA' s are expanding their horizons in four, count em' four shows this time around! And one of them is even live action! (Yes, we repeat LIVE ACTION!)


This first sighting was reported a little while ago. Currently airing on Teletoon in Canada and ABC Family in the USA is an animated cartoon called "Braceface" which is about the daily adventures of a teenage girl with braces named Sharon Spitz. This show is produced and stars Alicia Silverstone in the title role, who i am sure we all remember as a superhero in her own right as Batgirl from the movie "Batman and Robin". Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars) and Vince Corazza (Tuxedo Mask #3) play her friends Nina Harper and Alden Jones.


Two Rini's in one show?? It's happening in another anime dub, this one a computer animated 3-d anime called "Pecola" which is also currently airing on Teletoon. This show follows a computer animated penguin named Pecola who tries to help the people of cube town, but always makes the job longer than it should be :). This show stars Tracey Hoyt ( Rini #1) , Stephanie Beard ( Rini #2), Jill Frappier ( Luna) and Julie Lemieux (Sammy).


And that hawkeyed newsgroup-surfer Stéphane Dumas recently reported on our Comments List that the new Anime show "PowerStone", currently airing on YTV in Canada features 7 Sailor Moon Voice Actors! This TV show is based on the popular games of the same name from Capcom. Its about a quest for the legendary PowerStone which will grant any one desire or wish from the person who finds it. And the Magnificent Seven in this show are : Dennis Akayama (Malachite) , Tony Daniels (Jedite and Wiseman), Julie Lemieux ( Sammy) , Stephanie Morgenstern ( Sailor Venus) , Colin O' Meara (Andrew), Toby Proctor ( Tuxedo Mask #2), and Robert Tinkler ( Rubeus) !

And now for the face behind the mask! Airing on the Disney Channel in the USA and Family Channel in Canada is "The Famous Jett Jackson", which is about a famous teenage star just trying to live a normal life . Vince Corazza has a very prominent role as one of the show's producers, Plunkett . He also reprises this role in the movie. Though this show is no longer being produced, the hit still runs on those channels in repeats.

So ends this round of VA updates!

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