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The Final VA Roundup!

"Oh where, oh where, have the Voice Artists gone?"

2 rabbits walking

Roundup those rabbits!

August 15, 2004 - In our 8 year history we only seriously tracked the whereabouts of the Voice Artists during the last few years. What started all this was when Louis Hurtubise of Optimum Productions claimed that some of the Voice Artists could not be found or were unavailable. Ever since then we really haven't been tracking them for your reading pleasure (with colorful articles such as this one); we were tracking them since we really needed to know where they were, what they were doing, on which park bench they were sleeping on or with (in case Louis were to make another claim so we could tell him exactly where they were).

Canadian actors have proven to be somewhat easy to track. They're usually above the 49th parallel, rooting for a hockey team, drinking Molson's, wearing warm clothing and working on a U.S. television series or a runaway feature! But the best way is when you're taking a class, playing a game or just listening to some songs and you ask yourself, "Where have I heard that voice before?"

Here are their latest adventures.....

Classes & Conventions

Thinking of changing schools? Then why not try Toronto where you'll have the choice of several different VAs as your teacher!

Melvin fans (both of you), should check out Roland Parliament's beginner class in Voice Acting at Ryerson University. But you'd better be rich, it's $739 CDN a course! Fans with less cash could attend this year's CN Anime where Parliament will be in session with a Voice Acting Workshop (free with convention admission)!

Say you like Sailor Mercury but you don't want to work on any documentaries, you could always enlist in Sailor Mercury #2 Liza Balkan's Monologue Preparation course at the Equity Showcase Theatre. The aim of the course is to help actors "prepare a series of monologues for all of those times when we are asked '...and what will you do for us today?'" (Hhhmmm. Maybe this would be good for when our parents confront us for not taking out the trash.) Liza will not be teaching at Equity this Fall but hopefully will return soon.

And another class in monologues (in the last VA report they were all playing nurses, now it's teaching monologues!) is being taught by Rini #1, Tracey Hoyt. She's a member of the Second City Toronto Training Centre teaching improvisation to aspiring comedians. Second City has had a longer history than most might be aware of and was actually started in Chicago (which at the time was known as the "second city" since New York was the largest and thought of as the best). Recent alumni from Toronto include Pat Kelly (who was a host on YTV's The Zone) and Naomi Snieckus (who became one of the Rubber Chicken Farmers highlighted in our last VA report).

But why travel all over Toronto when what you really want is a one-stop Sailor Moon Voice Acting bonanza? You'll find it at Mike Kirby's Voiceworks right near downtown! Teaching this Fall is Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1), Julie Lemieux (Sammy, Young Darien in the Sailor Moon R movie and Peruru in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie) and Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter) who jokingly says that her favorite project was barking like a dog in 40 episodes of The Adventures of Tintin. You can also take a class with John Stocker who directed the Voice Artists in the final 17 episodes of Sailor Moon R and the 3 features. It's all expensive of course; courses range from $225 to $750 CDN.

CD cover
Katie's first album!
Music CDs

"Kiss Me Chaos" is Katie Griffin's (Sailor Mars #1) first music CD. She wrote 9 out of the 10 songs and sings them all. One song's lyrics reminded us of her character's fights with Sailor Moon. In the song, "Regret" are the lyrics, "If you don't follow through, I will come and rescue you. I've fought battles that were larger than you." There are lyrics and samples on her site (but they don't always work). The album is available from Maple Music in Canada.

The CD was actually released in May 2003 but it can take a long time to launch a new independent act. In support of her album Katie played live gigs in Toronto clubs. On February 16, 2004 she performed one of her songs ("Road Trip") on The Mike Bullard Show. Mr. Bullard is not the most exciting host on Canadian television and our Great White North Editor had problems staying awake; however they did report, "Katie was amazing!" One reviewer, Stuart Henderson of Umbrella Music, wrote of her album, "...Griffin could be the next big thing."

Katie is getting married to guitarist, Michael Kulas. The two of them have already moved into a house they bought together.

KotOR cover
The Knights of the Old Republic was a big hit but there's no word yet of Rino being in the sequel.

If you play videogames you've probably heard (or are about to hear) an awful lot of the very first Tuxedo Mask, Rino Romano. Gamers have been very diligent in updating his credits on IMDB.com. Recent roles include, Gasperd in Dark Cloud 2 (also known as Dark Chronicle), Rama in The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian, additional voices in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Lieutenant Alexander Munro in Star Trek: Elite Force II, a voice in Onimusha buraiden (also known as Onimusha Blade Warriors), Quickclaw and Guard #1 in Pitfall: The Lost Expedition.

Animated Television Series

The Rino Romano festival continues with a really big role, that of Bruce Wayne/Batman in a new series called, The Batman. (Rino had previously played a small part in the animated Batman Beyond: The Movie for TV.) In order to make a break from the recent past, the producers dropped fan favorites Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Mark Hamill (The Joker) from the cast but then reached way back to have Adam West (the live action TV Batman) to voice Mayor Grange and Frank Gorshin (the live action TV The Riddler) to voice Hugo Strange. And in another strange twist, Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson & many other voices on The Simpsons) will be playing Scarface. There are other well-known talents as well. It's an expensive cast. It premieres this Fall on Kids' WB. (And Rino's no stranger to superheros, he's also played Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the recent animated TV series and videogame versions of Spider-Man.)

Rino is also set to play the leading role of Carlos Stone in the upcoming Guardians of Luna which concerns, "...the descendants of an ancient race of werewolves who fight to survive against a ruthless power-hungry mogul." A joint production by Cybergraphix of California, Animation Bridge of Bombay, India and Padmalaya Telefilms (owned by Zee TV of India), the series is being designed by Osamu Tsuruyama who worked on Gundam Wing, Macross and The Animatrix. Supposedly aimed at 7-12 year olds some of us here suspect that this show will really suck as everything Padmalaya touches turns to crap.

Beyblade is one of the latest game fighting animes to be picked up outside of Japan. This one features magical metal spinning tops (which are of course available at a toy store near you). Nelvana dubbed the show (almost as a Sailor Moon reunion!) with Julie Lemieux (Sammy, Young Darien in the Sailor Moon R movie and Peruru in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie) as Dizzi and Mariah; Vince Corazza (Tuxedo Mask #3) as Robert, Steve and Gustav; Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter) as Oliver, Judy, Antonio and Frankie; Lyon Smith (Prince Sapphire) as Kevin, Michael, Andrew, Trevor and Fernando; and Robert Tinkler (Rubeus, Popuran) as Father Priestly and Piddlesworth.

Former Red Green Sewage Sucker Jeff Lumby (Professor Tomoe) is now a raccoon on Peep and the Big Wide World. It's a science series for little kids owned by WGBH Boston. Look for it on The Learning Channel, Discovery Kids and TVO (TV Ontario).

Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1) has one of the starring roles as Ruby on Max and Ruby currently airing on Nick Jr. in the United States and in Canada on YTV's preschool channel, Treehouse. The show is based on the popular book series of the same name by Rosemary Wells.

Totally surprised
Totally (surprised) Spies!
The big (and frustrating) news for Katie fans is her taking over the starring role of Alex on the third season of Saban's Totally Spies!. It might be frustrating for some since it's expected that she won't be doing anything near her bitchy Sailor Mars voice. She'll be trying to do an imitation of the voice created by Katie Leigh. And, as she revealed in an interview, she hasn't even been recording the show with the other cast members in Los Angeles! When they're recording in L.A., Katie is in another recording studio in Canada listening to their lines over the phone as they listen to hers. Later, the dialogue editing crew cuts the 2 tracks together. This is a show you're either going to love or hate. It's on the Cartoon Network in the United States and in Canada on Teletoon. A feature might be produced.

And Katie pops up again in the long overdue translation (and our coverage) of the 1986 anime Saint Seiya renamed Knights of the Zodiac. Katie was joined by Tracey Hoyt (Rini #1) and Julie Lemieux (Sammy, Young Darien in the Sailor Moon R movie and Peruru in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie) playing various characters in the saga about Knights with mystical powers whose mission is to defeat the Black Knights and take control of the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius! The anime was originally produced by Toei Animation and licensed by Cloverway, Inc. to some company called DiC Entertainment which radically changed the series for the Cartoon Network and YTV of Canada but is now available in uncensored and edited dubbed DVD versions released by ADV Films. (Sound familiar?) DiC did seem to learn one thing, they did not antagonize Bandai America this time! (But where's the S.O.S. site?)

Medabots is another Pokemon rip-off but with robots instead of mutated animals. Dennis Akayama (Malachite) was Mr. Referee; Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter) had a one episode part as Natalie; Julie Lemieux (Sammy, Young Darien in the Sailor Moon R movie and Peruru in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie) played Brass, Peppercat, Neutranurse, Chidori Tenryou and in the third season took over the starring role of Ikki Tenryou; Robert Tinker (Rubeus, Popuran) voiced Spyke, Seaslug and Cyandog/Krosserdog and was also one of the writers for the English language adaptation for the series. (Bet he had no trouble with his lines!) Originally a videogame called Medarots, the property went on to become a Kodansha manga and a NAS/TV Tokyo anime. Corus Entertainment of Canada bought it for their YTV channel; Nelvana handled the adaptation which premiered in 2001. The series also aired on Fox Kids (which became Fox Box) where it just completed its premiere run on March 7, 2004. DVDs are available from ADV Films.

Daniela Olivieri
We don't know which voices she performed but we sure know what Daniela Olivieri looks like! (From Adventure, Inc.)
Live Action Television Series

1-800-Missing is the scripted drama about an FBI agent teamed up with a psychic. It's also a good place to find Sailor Moon Voice Artists. So far, 3 have made appearances on the series: Daniela Olivieri (whose part on Sailor Moon has never been identified) played Maria Testaverda in the episode, "Never Go Against The Family," David Fraser (Grandpa Hino) was Michael Deveraux in the episode, "Father Figure" and Stephanie Morgenstern (Venus #1) starred in the episode, "Victoria" as mental patient Victoria Feldon. The show returned to Lifetime for its second season on July 10 under its new name, Missing. The program is also syndicated in Canada (so check those local listings)!

Also on Lifetime is Wild Card which is about an insurance fraud investigator, portrayed by Joely Fisher. Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1) popped up in the episode "Block Party" which premiered January 10 as a "Cosmetics Customer." The series started its second season on July 11 and is not for kids.

Daniela Olivieri also appeared on Adventure, Inc. which was an adventure series that lasted only one season (2002/3) but not for the wont of ratings. Confounding just about everyone in the TV syndication business this Tribune Entertainment-backed program regularly received over 2,000,000 viewers per episode. It was the number one rated scripted series in first-run syndication that year. The show's success was its own demise as the Canadian/UK producers, the Executive Producer (Gale Ann Hurd) and Tribune could not come to terms for a second season. Supposedly, too many people wanted too much money. Olivieri appeared in the episode, "Wave of the Future" as Stefi Gianini. Hopefully all 22 episodes will be available on DVD one day.

24 is that drama which covers each hour of one, pivotal day of U.S. federal agent, Jack Bauer. Well, we have an assignment for Jack Bauer... just what part did Vince Corazza (Tuxedo Mask #3) play on the (third) season premiere in the Fall of 2003? Vince doesn't seem to be officially credited by Fox (the producers) yet his talent agency insists that he did appear in the episode as the character, Tyler. Rather than rely on Agent Bauer or Rupert Murdoch, we suggest some fans throw a "Spot Vince" party the next time this episode repeats.

Another "Spot Vince" party could be thrown the next time the May 14, 2004 episode of JAG is repeated. New episodes of the Paramount Network Television show premiere on CBS in the United States and then on History Television in Canada. After a year or two on CBS, episodes are repeated on the USA cable TV network. ("JAG" stands for Judge Advocate's General corp which are the lawyers for the U.S. Navy.)

Coincidentally, Dead Lawyers is a Sci-Fi channel TV pilot about (who else?) greedy dead lawyers who cannot go on to an afterlife until they help others less fortunate with their cases. David Huband (Serena's Dad) had one of the starring roles as Artemis Jones. As of this writing the series (for 2004/5) was not greenlit and so far only the pilot has been produced. The inside scoop is that the series' premise just didn't work--it was hard to feel empathy for dead lawyers who were being correctly punished.

And now even more recently, Toby Proctor played the part of Joe on the June 16, 2004 airing of "War & Peace," the fourth episode of Show Me Yours. This new series is for adults only and can be seen on Alliance Atlantis' Showcase channel in Canada and on the Oxygen channel in the United States. Parental discretion advised! (And no, we don't know what Toby showed.)

A German Home Entertainment release of D-Day 6.6.1944
Live Action Television Movies

D-Day 6.6.1944 was a mock documentary TV movie about the allied invasion of France during World War II. Tracey Moore (Sailor Moon #1) had a starring role as Kay Summersby in this production which has been mostly Missing-In-Action. It has only been broadcast in a few markets (such as New Zealand & Europe). Ironically, it seems to have made the biggest impact in Germany.

Emilie Barlow (Sailor Mars #2 and Sailor Venus #2) was in a TV movie but didn't make an appearance! Emilie did some ADR work (which means you'll hear her but not see her) in The Legend of Butch & Sundance. Produced in Calgary, Alberta by Paramount Television for NBC in 2003, this 2 hour movie was also what they call a "back-door pilot" meaning that they hoped it would become a series. It didn't.

Sabrina Grdevich
Sabrina Grdevich in Hurt.
Hurt is a gritty TV movie about three teenagers who meet at a party and get to know one another later (and what really hurts them). Sabrina Grdevich (Sailor Pluto #1) plays the mother of one of the boys. So far this drama has only aired on 2 Canadian digital cable subscription channels, The Movie Network and Movie Central. It's not for the little moonies in your house.

Crazy Canucks is the true story of the World Ski Cup champs team. Robert Tinkler (Rubeus, Popuran) has the part of Dave Irwin in the CTV production. Watch for it (in Canada only) later this year.

Suburban Madness is another true story event; this one based on the Texas housewife who repeatedly ran over her dentist husband, killing him, when she found out that he was having an affair. And who better to join in on the fun than Kirsten Bishop (Zoicite, Emerald, Kaori Knight, Fisheye, Lady Badiyanu) who plays (unfortunately) the non-killing part of Pam Wright? (A wife falsely accused of having a lesbian affair.) This Sony TV production for CBS is based on the Texas Monthly account of the story. This marks Kirsten's second Robert Dornhelm directed TV movie except the advance word on this one is that it's good so tune in when it pops up this Fall.

gagged Mr. Huband
Guess who?
Theatrical Short Films & Direct To Video

The Straightjacket Lottery is a 22 minute short (suitable for television) about a bus driver who loses all of his mental patients and replaces them by kidnapping innocent people. David Huband (Serena's Dad) has a starring role as Ralph Stipes. The Human Scale Production got started after (they say) the script won a development award at the Atlantic Film Festival in 2002. The film has so far won the 2004 Best Comedy award at the Niagara Indie Filmfest and received nominations for Best Comedy and Best Male Performance (for co-star Andy Jones) at the 2004 Canada Golden Sheaf Awards.

Tired of dubbing to Cape Boy? Then why not try what Toby Proctor (Tuxedo Mask #2) did? Pick up a camera instead! Toby was videographer for the short, R.U.U. which was included in the recently revived On The Fly Festival. Festival participants are given 24 hours to shoot, then two 12 hour days to edit their films. This year's entries were screened at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto, Canada on June 23, 2004 and then repeated on July 10. Toby's film may or may not be included in a "On The Fly: Best of The Fest" at the Harbourfront Centre on August 27 & 28. If included, our Great White North Editor will be there, will you?

virtual actor
No, this is not the part Vince played in 24.
Continuing in Tuxedo Mask mode: Vince Corazza (Tuxedo Mask #3) co-stars as Jared in (what appears to be) a direct to video kiddies feature, I Downloaded A Ghost. No one here in the SOS screening room has volunteered to see this one (we have our limits) but there does seem to be some okay feedback. One film we'll stand in line for is Virtual Actors Featuring the Boxer. It's a 40 minute 3D computer generated animated film in Imax! (Is that enough for you or what?) Vince supplied the voice of Slim. Originally scheduled for a May release it has been postponed until September 2004.

Live Action Feature Films

Speaking of postponed, here's a number of features that slipped under our radar or were held up for other reasons.

Blizzard is a Christmas movie about a girl who learns to skate only to move to the big city where she can't. Blizzard, a talking reindeer (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg) comes to her aid. Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) had the supporting role of Miss Ward. The film was released in the United States on December 5, 2003 and in Canada on December 12. It totally tanked making only $504,600 in the U.S.--a major loss for producer Alliance Atlantis.

Deniro and Hoyt!
Robert DeNiro in his big scene with Tracey Hoyt!
When we last left Godsend (with Tracey Hoyt [Rini #1] playing a delivery nurse) it was supposed to be released in the Fall (as all good horror films with creepy kids do) of 2003 but was then delayed until the Spring of 2004. It was not worth the wait (but Tracey's still in it)! It's now available on DVD.

And there's more old news to cover, but this time by popular demand. When the film Secretary premiered we covered Sabrina Grdevich's (Pluto #1) role via our Tickertape on our index page. We never included it in our VA reports (like this one you're reading). Subsequently it has become our number one fan sighting. Fans keep on sending us emails asking us if we knew that Sabrina was in this film? Yes, yes! But what's with all these 10 year olds watching kinky R rated movies? We intentionally didn't cover it on our pages. One fan named Josh (hopefully over 10 years old) said that the film was, "...pretty twisted. It was about a boss and his secretary and their sado-masochistic relationship." Kids, if you don't know what "sado-masochistic" is, this is one VA sighting you don't want to make!

Sabrina in Book of LoveIt looks like Sabrina got the role of irritating best friend in Book Of Love. (Red hair usually spells trouble in the movies!)

Sabrina has another co-starring role as Lilian in the upcoming feature, Book Of Love. Originally entitled Nights in Phnom Penh, the film concerns a 15 year old boy who, out of mercy, is taken into the home of a thirtysomething couple. The boy ends up having an affair with the older woman. It screened at this years Sundance Festival to mostly indifferent reviews. One attendee described it to us as follows, "On Lifetime it would be shocking. On a theater screen you'll fall asleep." Even worse, another film, with many of the same elements but with major stars, opened July 14. It's called A Door In The Floor and it received much better reviews. (Maybe we've placed Book Of Love in in the wrong section of this report?)

My Baby's Daddy is about 3 urban dudes who get their girlfriends pregnant. Dennis Akayama (Malachite) played the character "Cha Ching." (You'll know why he's named that if you see the film.) Some of the male SOS members have noted that Dennis got to work with hot chinese (sometimes bald) chick Bai Ling! They wonder what that was like! (They also wonder what it's like to date a girl!) The film was produced by Miramax and released in theaters on January 9, 2004. It's now available on DVD. And it appears that Dennis has changed his name to "Denis" so don't be fooled if you see the new spelling!

Denis' streak continued with, Welcome To Mooseport which is about a former U.S. President who moves back to his hometown in Maine and ends up running for Mayor against a local plumber. Denis appears in the supporting role of Izuki Nami. This "comedy" was produced by 20th Century Fox and released in theaters on February 20, 2004. It too is now available on DVD.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle on the surface is a stoner's movie about finding the perfect food in the middle of the night (White Castle is an American fast food chain known for its small, steamed hamburgers). But beneath the emulsion the feature tackles racial politics and the mass-marketing which destroys all cultures. The film is much better than the U.S. or Canadian ad campaign leads one to believe. Robert Tinkler (Rubeus, Popuran) has a small part as the character, J.D. The R rated movie received a wide release on July 30, 2004.

Tinkler's other most recent appearance (as Damien) is in the ultra-low budget movie, Ham and Cheese. Shot on video, this mockumentary is about 2 Canadian losers who desperately want to become professional actors. The title, "Ham and Cheese" refers to their lack of talent. Shot in 2 weeks (and supposedly scripted in the same amount of time), this feature has received some terrific and some terrible reviews. Robert was in pretty good company as a number of well-known Canadian actors took part (such as veterans of Kids In The Hall). As of this writing no release date has been set.

Shall We Dance? is about how an overworked accountant (Richard Gere) falls in love with his dance instructor (Jennifer Lopez). Sara Lafleur (Sailor Uranus) has a supporting role in the production (which we hope is not being cut down in the editing room as you read this). This film is actually a remake of the 1996 live action Japanese feature, Shall we dansu? (that was its real title in Japan)! Koji Yakusho was so believable in the leading role of the Japanese salaryman with no future and no love which really made the romance so wonderful and important. From the footage that one of us has seen it looks like that casting Richard Gere in the remake was a big mistake. Still, it could make money. The film gets released by Miramax on October 15, 2004.

Cube Zero is the third installment of the Cube movies. In this prequel the filmmakers will reveal how and why this killing machine was created. (These films are slasher movies where one by one each character gets killed by different devices all within cubed rooms.) David Huband (Serena's Dad) has a starring role as Dodd. Lions Gate Films will release the feature in the U.S. and Canada this Fall.

Childstar cast
We're pretty sure that's Toby in the center--with some of his hair back! (He had to get it all shaved off for Police Academy: The Series back in 1997.)
Childstar is a comedy about a 12 year old child U.S. TV star who runs away from the set of his big budget movie in Toronto. It is up to his limo driver to find him before the kid hurts himself. Toby Proctor (Tuxedo Mask #2) is Wade Keener in the notable cast which includes Jennifer Jason Leigh, Dave Foley, Michael Murphy, Eric Stoltz & Alan Thicke! This might be a really good film! It's supposed to be released in Canadian theaters this Fall.

And finally, how can we end this report without still yet another Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1) entry? She has a supporting role in Aurora Borealis. This film stars Joshua Jackson (playboy Pacey Witter from Dawson's Creek) as a, "...troubled young man struggling to right himself after the premature death of his father." Sound familiar to any of you Dawson fans? As of this writing no release date has been set.

And so we bid a fond farewell to all the Sailor Moon Voice Artists and hope that one day they will all get together to dub the final season, SailorStars. We know that Louis, or whoever, will find them all! (See how easy it is? Making this page is much harder than actually finding them!)

Voice Actor Character(s) Played
on Sailor Moon
Recent Roles / Activity
Dennis Akayama Malachite "Cha-Ching" - My Baby's Daddy
Izuki Nami - Welcome to Mooseport
Mr. Referee - Medabots
Liza Balkan Sailor Mercury #2 Monologue Class Teacher for The Equity Showcase Theatre
Emilie Barlow Sailor Mars #2, Sailor Venus #2 ADR Voice - The Legend of Butch & Sundance
Kirsten Bishop Zoicite, Emerald, Kaori Knight, Fisheye Clara Harris - Suburban Madness
Vince Corazza Tuxedo Mask #3 Robert, Steve and Gustav - Beyblade
? - 24
? - Jag
Jared - I Downloaded a Ghost
Slim - Virtual Actors Featuring the Boxer
David Fraser Grandpa Hino Michael Deveraux - 1-800-Missing
Sabrina Grdevich Sailor Pluto #1 Boy's Mom - Hurt
Allison - Secretary
Lillian - Book of Love
Katie Griffin Sailor Mars #1 Voice Acting Instructor with Mike Kirby's Voiceworks
Album - Kiss Me Chaos
Guest Appearance - The Mike Bullard Show
Ruby - Max and Ruby
Alex - Totally Spies!
Various Characters - Knights of the Zodiac
Cosmetics Customer - Wild Card
Supporting Character - Aurora Borealis
Tracey HoytRini #1 Teaching Monologue and Improv classes at The Second City
Various Characters - Knights of the Zodiac
A Delivery Nurse - Godsend
David Huband Serena's Dad Artemis Jones - Dead Lawyers
Ralph Stipes - The Straitjacket Lottery
Dodd - Cube Zero
Sarah Lafleur Sailor Uranus ? - Shall We Dance?
Julie Lemieux Sammy, Young Darien in the Sailor Moon R, Peruru in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie Voice Acting Instructor with Mike Kirby's Voiceworks
Dizzi and Mariah - Beyblade
Various Characters - Knights of the Zodiac
Brass, Peppercat, Neutranurse, Chidori Tenryou, Ikki Tenryou #2 - Medabots
Jeff Lumby Professor Tomoe Racoon - Peep and the Big Wide World
Tracey Moore Sailor Moon #1 Kay Summersby - D-Day 6.6.1944
Stephanie Morgenstern Sailor Venus #1 Victoria Feldon - 1-800-Missing
Miss Ward - Blizzard
Daniela Olivieri ? Maria Testaverda - 1-800-Missing
Stefi Gianini- Adventure Inc.
Roland Parliament ADR director, Melvin Beginner Class in Voice acting at Ryerson University
Canadian National Anime Expo, August 2004
Toby Proctor Tuxedo Mask #2 Joe - Show Me Yours
Videographer - R.U.U.
Wade Keener - Childstar
Susan Roman Sailor Jupiter Voice Acting Instructor with Mike Kirby's Voiceworks
Oliver, Judy, Antonio and Frankie - Beyblade
Natalie - Medabots
Rino Romano Tuxedo Mask #1 Gasperd - Dark Cloud 2
Rama - The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian
Additional Voices - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Lieutenant Alexander Munro - Star Trek: Elite Force II
Additional Character - Onimusha Blade
Quickclaw and Guard #1 - Pitfall: The Lost Expedition
Bruce Wayne/Batman - The Batman
Carlos Stone - Guardians of Luna
Lyon Smith Prince Sapphire Kevin, Michael, Andrew, Trevor and Fernando - Beyblade
John Stocker ADR director Voice Acting Instructor with Mike Kirby's Voiceworks
Robert Tinkler Rubeus, Popuran Father Priestly and Piddlesworth - Beyblade
Staff Writer, Spyke, Seaslug, Cyandog/Krosserdog - Medabots
Dave Irwin - Crazy Canucks
Damien - Ham & Cheese
J.D. - Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

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