Time to kick back in the sun and let nature take its course...

Our Little Girl Has Grown Up!

SOS To Take Extended Vacation

The original purpose of this campaign was to get our favorite TV show (the initial 65 episode syndication package of "Sailor Moon") back on-the-air in the United States. After that occurred we set out to get the remaining episodes of one series dubbed (the final 17 episodes of "Sailormoon-R"), then the animated features released (Sailormoon-R, S & SS) with more series dubbed (starting with "Sailormoon-S").

With all of the recent, frenzied activities taking place concerning "Sailormoon" it looks like there will no longer be any need for our campaign.

Over the next few weeks we plan to finish all of our remaining stories and then leave our pages up for as long as possible. Hopefully we will never need to return to this campaign again. We might have to if certain censorship issues arise (we're against it you know) or if some other problems emerge.

None of the recent developments concerning "Sailormoon" would have happened without you, the fans. As we have long maintained, we only report the news, give analysis and then suggest what needs to be done. It has been up to you to take action or not. (And it looks like enough of you did.)

Thank you for saving Sailor Moon.

Yours Truly,
The Save Our Sailors Team

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