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More VA Sightings!

For Canadians Only? Not!

Jeff Lumby (and pals) sit in court.

If you live in Canada, you can get not one, but two new doses of VA sighting action this Spring!

All over Canadian television channels is Cadbury's new set of advertisements for their popular Crispy Crunch chocolate bar. The ads take place in a record store, where one of several things happens: A man explodes after a bite, a bagpipe player comes in, a man and the cashier get into a discussion about whether the bar is crispy or crunchy, or some funky marionnettes ponder the same question. Well, none other than our own Sugar (a.k.a. Rini #2, Stephanie Beard) distracts the people's attention by holding up a record and saying in her charming (and alarming?) high-pitched voice, "WICKED!" Now although these ads leave us in the dark thinking, "Just what is Cadbury trying to say?" it's nice to see Sugar doing something on the side from her hosting duties on YTV's Zone.

On the silver screen, don't forget to check out Red Green's Duct Tape Forever, the movie based on the popular Canadian television series, "The Red Green Show." Viewers in the United States can currently check this program out on their local PBS station. It has not yet been confirmed whether this film is going to hit the states or not.

The series and film features our favorite mad scientist, Jeff Lumby (a.k.a. Professor Tomoe) as the witty Winston Rothschild, the C.E.O. behind "Rothschild's Sewage and Septic Sucking Services."

Anyone interested in making a duct tape Sailor Moon?
Yes, it's a goose made of duct tape!
The film tells the story of the men at Possum Lodge and a little problem they've run into. A businessman named Robert Stiles has taken them to court because of damages that occurred when his limo fell into a sinkhole in front of the Lodge. Our heroes lose the case, and have to pay $10,000 in damages within ten days, or their lodge will become the town's property. However, all is not lost, there is a duct tape sculpture contest in Minneapolis/St.Paul offering $10,000 to the third prize winner who can create something that is made of at least 80% duct tape. (Some Canadians may remember last year in your newspapers a call from the producers asking for duct tape sculptures, this is why ^_^). So in the true Canadian Spirit, Red (one of the main characters) creates a giant duct tape goose, and makes the journey down the long road to Minneapolis. However, determined to make these men lose their Lodge, Stiles hires a couple of hitmen to keep them from making it to the contest.

For a sneak preview of the movie, check out this trailer.

The official movie site has indicated that the feature would screen at all Famous Players/Silver City Cinemas across Canada, but so far the film has not played in many of the smaller cities.

Images courtesy of the official Duct Tape Forever site.

Happy, Waving, Chibi-Sailor Moon

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