Look Ma, We're in Japan!  See the huge poster behind us?  That's 'Sailor Moon' and wait 'til you get a load of it!

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Barenaked Ladies

Minako LOVES U2!

Sailor Moon seems to be a rising icon among bands of today. First there were the Chubbies, who made a punk rock cover of the English theme song on their 1996 album, Play Me. Then there was the Canadian band, Barenaked Ladies, who referenced Sailor Moon in their smash 1998 hit "One week". And now, one of the world's biggest and most influential bands, U2, makes a visual homage via their new CD The Best of 1990-2000.

The booklet includes photos of the band in different locales with the eighth page featuring U2 in what is probably Japan in front of a billboard for the Sailor Moon R movie.

Even though the movie played in Japanese theaters during the Winter of 1993/94 authenticating the location & era of the photo has proven harder than expected. The photographer's website claims the photo was taken in 1996; however, U2's website lists only 2 tours to Japan: 1993 & 1998. Our in-house U2 groupie places the photo around 1993 from the length of lead singer Bono's hair.

What's most interesting about this sighting is the choice of using the image of a Sailormoon poster instead of say, the Tokyo tower (which most people would not recognize), as proof of travel & acclaim in Japan. It's as if the band were saying, "Hey look everyone! We're in Japan! Can't you tell?"

This sighting was first reported by clownpuncher20.

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