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Some of our Turkish friends out there maybe interested in checking out if they can receive the Turkish transmission of "Sailor Moon" over several satellites. We were tipped off on this in the following letter but haven't had a chance to redirect the Official SOS Receiving Dish nailed onto the roof of our treehouse.

I am a member of SOS Turkiye (Turkey) (You can visit our site at http://sostr.cjb.net) and I would like to inform you something that you might be interested in. Did you know that you can watch Sailor Moon Stars season (Turkish dub) in USA, Australia, Europe and Canada ??? Currently a Turkish TV channel is showing Stars season and this channel can be watched in USA, Australia, Europe and Canada from satellites. TRT informed us about some of these satellites. For example you can watch it in USA and Canada from the satellite Telstar-5 at 97,0W frequency 12.177Mhz . You can get more detailed information from http://www.lyngsat.com/t5.shtml . The name of the TV channel is "TRT International" which is also known as "TRT int". You can watch Sailor Moon in the weekdays at 8:30 AM (GMT +2:00) and 2:30 AM (GMT +2:00).

TRT int is available in Europe too. It can be watched from the Turkish satellite Turksat 1C. You can see the current transmission plan of Turksat 1C at http://www.satcom.gov.tr/Services/T1C.htm . Also you can see the footprints of Turksat 1C at http://www.satcom.gov.tr/Services/turksat1ccov.htm.

Also another TV channel called TRT 1 is repeating the episodes at 8:30 AM (GMT +2:00) in the weekdays. It can be watched from the same satellite Turksat 1C. But its footprint is different so it can be watched from Middle East countries (like Israel), East of Europe, Russia and other countries around Turkey.

TRT int is also available at Australia. You can see its transmission plans at http://www.lyngsat.com/optusb3.shtml.

I have never checked those transmission plans, because I am living in Turkey. These plans may change in time, so you may need to get information about these satellites from other sources.

All episodes are Turkish dubbed and of course you won't understand it. You may consider like you are watching from Japanese and follow them by looking at English translated scripts from VKLL which are available at http://gsoft.smu.edu/ScriptCrypt/sm.html . If you check alt.binaries.multimedia.sailor-moon , you will see that an episode from SuperS season captured from TRT int is available at alt.binaries.multimedia.sailor-moon . It was captured by somebody who doesn't know Turkish (probably living in Europe in Holland).

Also we will try to put more information to our site Save Our Sailors Turkiye (Http://sostr.cjb.net) in a week.

You can contact me for more information.

Best Regards
Onur Alparslan (Alpin)

SOS Turkiye

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