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Change Is Good, So Long As They're The Right Changes

Cartoon Network To Revamp Toonami

The Cartoon Network has informed us of the following changes to it's Toonami block of programs. (All times are Eastern Standard Time & Pacific Standard Time only.)

Starting on Monday, March 6, the network will present "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" at 5:30pm weekdays and in a 1 hour block at Midnight on Saturdays. (Technically, Midnight is actually very early Sunday morning.) Subtitled VHS & DVD versions will be released in May by Bandai Entertainment. "Reboot" will be dropped from the weekday schedule but will still be shown at 2:30am on Sundays (very late Saturday night).

"Tenchi Muyo" may start in June, or later.

The Cartoon Network currently plans to expand the Toonami block by 1 hour starting as early as June (possibly with the introduction of Tenchi) but no later than the end of Summer. During the Summer there is less competition which makes it easier for networks to change audience viewing patterns. Networks also lose less advertising dollars (if the test shouldn't work out) since commercials are at their cheapest.

We remind fans that any announcements concerning new programs of a certain blonde-haired girl with hair tied up in odangos will be made by the parties responsible for putting up any money. During the Summer of 1999 we advised fans on our Tickertape to watch a certain unnamed network (identified only by a now defunct host known as Moltar and since replaced by a more kid-friendly character) for such an announcement--only to be disappointed. But, at least we (and now you [if you've been reading any of our lead stories recently]) understood why. Now there is a another chance for such an announcement to come from a certain distributor at the National Association of Television Programming Executives (NATPE) convention being held in a certain city, like New Orleans, on certain dates, like Monday January 24 through Thursday 27. If not, then, maybe soon from a different company through a different venue.

They've gotta be aliens -- just look at that hair!
A certain Japanese boy caught up in alien love
I don't recognize that outfit...
A certain blonde-haired girl with really weird hair

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