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Terri Hawkes Gives Birth To Twins

In July, Terri Hawkes (the 2nd Voice Artist for Serena/Sailor Moon) gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Mom, Dad & the Kids are all doing fine up in Toronto. Fans who would like to, may send gifts, notes or Christmas cards to Terri and/or the children up until Sunday, December 31, 2000 (after which Mom & the Kids are expected to head South to escape some of the frigid Canadian Winter). Please do not send any food which may spoil and certainly nothing with small parts to the kids which they might swallow. You may send your packages and letters to:

Ms. Terri Hawkes
c/o Lions Gate Films
2 Bloor Street West
Suite 1901
Toronto M4W 3E2

Absolutely no phone calls, as Ms. Hawkes does not work at this company which has generously agreed to accept these missives on her behalf. But, if you should live in the Toronto area you could make your own delivery.

Please do not send Terri anything that you'd like back. She may get flooded with mail and may be unable to write anyone back.

You do not need to write to Ms. Hawkes asking her to return to the part of Serena/Sailor Moon. In a written statement, her management confirms that, "Ms. Hawkes declined to tape the latest episodes of Sailor Moon, as the tapings were scheduled during her last few weeks of pregnancy and immediately following the delivery." So at this point in time we do not think that Terri's return should prove to be a problem. However, we have other concerns that we feel fans might wish to express their opinions on. Please save your letter writing energies for a later time (which we hope won't be necessary)!

Fans do not need to express their opinions on Terri's replacement, Linda Ballantyne. Linda has taken on an impossible job that other performers would not envy. Fans maybe interested in knowing that Ms. Hawkes has been on the other side of the microphone as she was Voice Director on both seasons of Nelvana's animated series "Flying Rhino Junior High" which included in the cast (besides herself), Ron Rubin and Tracey Moore.

Besides "Sailor Moon," Terri was the lead voice in "Princess Sissi," Baby Hugs & Shreeky in "Care Bears" and as Franny in the upcoming Teletoon series "Quads." Ms. Hawkes should also be in upcoming episodes of "Myth Men" and "Bob and Margaret." Besides her voice acting work, Terri also wrote for the animated series, "Ann of Green Gables."

In live action films you can spot her (as some fans have) in "Murder, She Purred," "Watch It," "Trail of a Serial Killer," "Prisoner of Love" and "Dog Park." On television she's appeared on "General Hospital," "Traders" and "Vivian."

Brush your teeth!  Clean your room!  Help old ladies cross the street!  Don't abuse pets!  Donate to charities! Sailor Moon Says!

Terri would like all the fans to know 2 things:

  • If you sent her a letter via Roland Parliament's Voicestars site, she's received your letter or email. (It appears that when the "Sailor Moon S" television series premiered on the Cartoon Network concerned fans sent hundreds of unsolicited letters to this site--without yet knowing the reasons behind her absence. Roland hasn't been able to keep the site up to date since he's been busy on many projects.)

  • And also she would prefer that you make a donation to UNICEF this holiday season-- rather than to send a gift to her or the twins.

Learning Diaper Rash Control & </I>
Terri's Twins Part Three

Terri Hawkes thanks all the fans who wrote to her over these last few weeks and hopes that everyone has had a Happy Holiday. We have received word from Terri that if some fans missed this opportunity that they could still write to her (after January 1, 2001) in care of her agent at:

Ms. Terri Hawkes
c/o Oscars Abrams & Zimel
438 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario

Ms. Hawkes also vows to finally launch her own web site this year. It's been "under construction" for sometime and we reported it (years ago?) on our tickertape. We look forward to Terri's site and offer to help her with any of that nasty html! ("Moon... Mark-up... Elimination!")

Here are some more images from Japanese Episode #53, "Mamoru to Usagi no baby sitter soudou" (Mamoru and Usagi's Baby Sitter Mayhem) also known as English Episode #47 "Much Ado About Babysitting." These are Color Mark-Ups from the episode.

A Color Key Artist marks up a xerox of an Animator or Layout Artist's drawing to show the Ink & Paint crew what colors to paint in areas that are not part of the normal models to a show. An "X" by itself means that the area is to remain clear; a "W" (with a stroke above it) means it should be painted White; lines which appear in red within a character (usually drawn by an Assistant Animator or Assistant Layout Artist) such as the highlights on the back of the baby's head mean that they should be hand inked in color (the Red line will not print in black when xeroxing the cels); "RP3" is the number of a color for mouth interiors with all the remaining letters and numbers referring to specific colors.

These images are from a color printed packet sold by Toei Animation for ¥1500 (about US$15.00) in August of 1993. The packet contained 78 mark-ups (with some on pan paper!) from various episodes of the "Sailormoon R" Doomtree story. The mark-ups use 3 languages: English - The International language for animation; Japanese - The native country of the production; and Thai - Where most (if not all) of these episodes were inked, painted and photographed in 16mm.

Today most anime is digital with color mark-ups on paper a relic of the past. If you should ever come across one of these packets, buy it, as they are becoming exceedingly rare. (And, in this case, make sure to look for that Toei foil seal on the cover page for authenticity.) These packets offer a unique glimpse into the handicraft of the actual drawings to the show and some of the problems faced in production.

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