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Ever since Terri Hawkes' personal website went online, there was one section which forever tortured fans. The "Question and Answer" link had one of those flashing Under Construction symbols for months, if not longer.

Well the wait is now over and we now know that the second voice of Serena/Sailor Moon wasn't busy writing responses to hundreds of questions about Dog Park or her stint on General Hospital. The entire Question and Answer section is devoted to Sailor Moon!

Of interest to all fans will be Ms. Hawkes' public confirmation of, "...lengthening pre-existing episodes, but I haven't heard anything about that in quite a few months." (That proposal, as far as we know, was shelved over a year ago.) And this, "If more Sailor Moon episodes are to be dubbed into English, and if I were asked to reprise my role, I would be very receptive to the offer."

While Terri controls her own domain, Stephanie Beard (the second Rini) does not. So you may want to run over to YTV's The Zone website to read her online chat from late 2002 before it gets 404'd to oblivion! (It was conducted to coincide with her birthday.) You may be surprised to learn what her favorite TV show is (it ain't Sailor Moon) and what other kind of voice she can do (really well we've been told)!

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