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A Sample Of Tanoshi youchien
All of a sudden Saban is beginning to look a little better!

Recently, a fan was kind enough (or is there a better word for this?) to post for us some scans from one of Kodansha's Tanoshi youchien Sailormoon stories. To this fan we say thank you even though we are all too familiar with this magazine. But why keep the exact contents of this periodical hidden any longer? Why keep this fact-of-life, staple of Japanese children, high grossing money machine tucked away in the corner? Maybe it's time to get it out in the open for all to see? It doesn't look all that..... (ohhh, we looked at it again).

Okay, look. We're going to post this stuff anyway but not without some explanation. First, this style SELLS. It's drawn this way intentionally; young kids like it. Second, it's hard to get good artists in Japan. If you're a good artist in Japan you are working for the big bucks in anime, design or the fine arts scene--not for Tanoshi youchien copying an 8 year old TV series! And third, it's an excellent example of how Kodansha is currently conducting one of the facets of the "Sailormoon World" campaign (as reported in our Naoko Update).

Warning! By clicking on the following you hereby absolve the Save Our Sailors Campaign, Iwaynet and Stonybrook Institute of New York, their members, employees or agents on their behalf, from any temporary or permanent, injury, damage, impairment, malady, sickness, fatality, insanity or any other kind of harm to yourself or harm you may bring to others from viewing the aforementioned visual materials.


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