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You Are Saving Up For This, Right?
Their Latest And Perhaps Last Performance

Funny how things work? One moment, everyone's complaining about a certain performer's yodeling, or how another sounded too much like Glenda, the Good Witch of The North from "The Wizard of Oz" and how, still yet another, made her character sound dumb or vapid. And how all of those performers should be replaced and how bad the dub was then.

Where are all those complaining fans today?

Perhaps they didn't realize how some aspects of the dub were quite good; and how most of the cast was excellent. Perhaps they didn't realize how hard it is for a performer to play comedy one moment and switch to high drama the next, or how one had to play a dweeb with heart or another with warmth and loneliness.

Well here might be their last performance together. We're talking about the original cast (except for Terri Hawkes) of the 5 Sailor Scouts. On August 15, Pioneer Entertainment will release "Sailor Moon SuperS: Black Dream Hole" ("SuperS"). (Terri was not the original voice for Sailor Moon and did record the part in the SuperS feature.)

Now everyone is expecting that the third feature will sell the least amount of copies--the only question is by how much?

"Sailor Moon R" sold great because of the absolute dearth of any new dubbed productions. "Sailor Moon S" sold better than anticipated because "R" helped get the word out that there were now new dubbed productions (in spite of competing with new free episodes just starting on the Cartoon Network). Pioneer (and other companies involved) have confirmed that "S" sold better than expected and are now looking with great anticipation to "SuperS."

The sales of this final feature may now be seen as a mandate on the importance of the original cast and the need for continuity. We know what we'll be buying; how about you?

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  • Oh yeah and we almost forgot! There's supposed to be a special bonus from Irwin Toys! They've been planning for months to make a special tie-in for their new dolls! Look for it inside each copy of the VHS & DVD!

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