SuperS Movie
Get everyone you know to watch!
SuperS Feature On Friday, September 13th, 4pm!
Another Potential Hamster Disaster?

The Cartoon Network in the United States has scheduled, "Sailor Moon SuperS" as part of its Friday Toonami Movie program. The dubbed animated feature will be broadcast on Friday, September 13, 2002 at 4pm EDT & PDT.

The network had hoped to repeat all 3 Sailor Moon features (plus other movies) on Fridays starting in July but those plans never materialized; instead an abbreviated schedule was programmed. Why "SuperS"? Well we'd like to think that it would provide the perfect moment to announce the return of the series or that the final series, Sailor Stars is on its way. But right now Sailor Stars doesn't seem likely. Still, the situation could change.

And, there are two ways of looking at the Cartoon Network's scheduling a Sailor Moon feature at all:

  • We're so fed up with Sailor Moon fans we're going to show just one of their features; OR
  • We've got to keep these Sailor Moon fans watching the network so we'll cram in one of their features before the end of Summer.

    Regardless, good ratings can only help. So we hope you'll tell everyone to watch (especially if you're back in school by then). But lord help that network if they should show ANYTHING else in that timeslot on that day! No one wants another hamster disaster!

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