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Who can resist these luscious lips?

Back in 1999 some professional sumo wrestlers in Japan presented a "Sumo Senshi" contest which was televised as part of a sports festival. The Save Our Sailors campaign (SOS) reported the event and then held a contest for english speaking fans to write the best captions. Although some of the entries were good they were not as knock-down funny as we had hoped.

We got so side-tracked with development after development concerning our campaign that the contest became very old news. (The SOS never picked the winners and presented any prizes.) We now present all of our pages concerning the Sumo Senshis plus the never-before-revealed entries! (And get a peek at how much work goes into a "light" story.) Enjoy!

The Story of the Sumo Senshi.

All the screengrabs.

The screengrabs & contest.

Our Index Page with the "Last call for entries."

All the decent entries.

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The finalists.

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