No More Cousins?
Sailor Stars Suggestions

Before we here in the SOS Treehouse even begin to think about talking to anyone about the possibility of getting "Sailor Stars" dubbed we'd like to be hear from some fans on how they think an adaptation could be handled.

If you, like some of us here, believe that there shouldn't be anymore dubbed versions--fear not. We may come to that same conclusion. But we need to know if the fans have any good suggestions on how to adapt those aspects which advertisers/networks might object to. The SOS will only inquire about the possibility of a dubbed version IF there should be a good, easy route for an adaptation to follow.

In the past we have always left such issues to the companies & individuals involved--trusting that they wouldn't screw things up too much. With the features and the final 17 episodes of "Sailor Moon R" this was relatively true. But with the advent of the series "Sailor Moon S" this all changed.

We were fully expecting that Sailors Uranus & Neptune would somehow be made related by family and offered no suggestions. What we and (we believe) some within the Cartoon Network didn't expect was how badly this and other issues (such as the new Voice Artists and their direction) would be handled. "Sailor Moon SuperS" posed less of a challenge but the problems with the new Voice Artists continued.

By now, everyone has noticed how no company has stepped forward to broadcast or release "Sailor Stars" in any form.

So before picking up the phone, writing up a fax, typing an email, releasing that carrier pigeon or sending smoke signals to even hint at another season--we would like to hear from you on how to treat the questionable elements in "Sailor Stars." You don't have to tell us about the Voice Artists or the music--those are entirely separate matters which CAN be handled; an adaptation may not.

The Save Our Sailors campaign would like to know how the Starlights gender changing, Usagi/Serena's dating one of them, the nudity and other aspects could be handled. Please write to us here. (4/10/01: Email link removed; we got plenty of suggestions, thanks!)

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