Thanks For All The Letters!
Sailor Stars Suggestions To Be Studied

Recently, we asked you, the fans, for suggestions on how an adaptation of the series, "Sailor Stars" could be handled. We received hundreds of emails and read every single one of them! (There is no need to send anymore!) The Save Our Sailors campaign is now studying the ideas presented and comparing them to the options that we, as concerned fans, have. We believe that a campaign is possible which will allow fans who want a dub (and those who do not) to have a say in Sailor Moon's future. Such a campaign will be unlike any mounted by a fan base in the past and looks to be very cheap, effective and specific. You won't believe how simple & fun it will be for you (but difficult for the SOS to properly orchestrate). Look for it (unless conditions should change) sometime during the month of May. Our website may appear to take a backseat until then.

Meanwhile, as to some of the suggestions presented by you, we have some news & feedback.

Some of the companies involved with Sailor Moon visited our site and read some of your letters. One of the individuals involved hated what we were doing--which was to seemingly remove them from the decision making process. To this individual (and company) we remind them that we have done no such thing. They are free to do whatever they want just as fans are free to express their opinions. The SOS hopes that all of the companies & individuals involved find the suggestions helpful.

We thought that most of the suggestions were excellent. There were a few that we would have never come up with. Again, as compared to other fan bases, Sailor Moon fans seem to be very well informed. It seems sort of ridiculous that we even need to talk of how this series should be censored when so many pre-teens already know all of the contents so well. Letter after letter discussed in open, frank terms all of the sexual and so-called forbidden elements. But as our original story made clear, this censorship is not for any viewers, it's for the companies involved (some of whom appear to be stuck in the 19th century)!

Many fans suggested that the series be dubbed and uncut for the Midnight Run of Toonami but should know that the ratings for that daypart are too low to support premiere programming. It might be possible to eventually present such a version but not without an edited version premiering first during the much higher rated afternoon run of Toonami. In other words, advertisers aren't willing to pay enough money to present new shows at Midnight but are willing to pay for the late afternoon. And, as far as we know, primetime is reserved for those series which AOL/Time Warner owns (and Sailor Moon isn't one of them).

Some fans suggested other networks but our relationship (the fans of Sailor Moon) are too good with the Cartoon Network to part ways just now. The fans definitely helped the Cartoon Network to become the #1 cable network several times over the last 9 months and so we feel that the network wouldn't want to lose us and we shouldn't want to lose them. The problem lies with the less than spectacular reaction to the series, "Sailor Moon S" & "Sailor Moon SuperS." (Which was not the fans fault, nor the network's--hence our quest for suggestions.)

And ironically, with the Cartoon Network's new dominance, they now command a higher "Cost-Per-Thousands (of viewers)" (CPMs) from advertisers for commercial time. The more a network receives from advertisers, the more a network can afford to spend on programming (such as the expensive elements that Sailor Moon fans seem to want).

Other fans suggested that TV be skipped altogether (which may still happen--it'll be up to you) and go directly with Pioneer. There are 2 main problems with going to Home Video first.

Kodansha & Toei have steadfastly demanded top dollar for "Sailor Moon" as opposed to other anime productions. Some fans have astutely noticed that there are no subtitled versions until there are unedited dubbed versions until there are edited television versions. In other words, "Sailor Moon" is so expensive that companies cannot afford to undertake a series until deals/options for all of the versions are in place. (The features which Pioneer paid for were cheaper than any of the deals concerning the series.) The expense has always been a problem with this property starting at the very beginning when Toei made its deal with Kodansha. It might take years for Toei to come down in price for a company like Pioneer to undertake "Sailor Stars."

The second reason, is that if it should take years it would probably be even harder to get ANY of the Voice Artists associated with the series in the past to return to their parts. With each passing year it will be harder & harder. If fans should want to go the Home Video route they should be prepared to do so without any of their favorite Voice Artists. However, if Home Video sales of the series, "Sailor Moon S" hold up it might be possible for Pioneer to go ahead with "Sailor Stars" sooner than expected. But so far, there appears to be genuine non-interest.

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