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    Thanks To Everyone Who Participated In Our SMS Letter Writing Campaign!

    Step one in my eveil plan! Must be a plot of Professor Tomoe!

    Question! Can You Induce A Simultaneous Heart Attack On A Large Segment Of The Adolescent Population?

    Voice Artists May Go On Strike!

    The Canadian Voice Artists belong to a performer's union called ACTRA which may go on strike for better pay and benefits against all companies. The disagreement almost entirely concerns live action but would also affect dubbing (animation). A strike would affect ALL animated series & OAVs which are dubbed in Canada.

    Such an action would not really be a strike by the Voice Artists against Pioneer. But the Voice Artists would not be allowed to go back to work until such a strike would be settled (or, in the unlikely event that Pioneer comes to a separate agreement with the union). Further, only a prolonged strike would affect the dubbing of the "Sailormoon" features.

    ACTRA may call for a strike as soon as "Canada Day" (bet you U.S. citizens knew your Canadian Holidays now) ! But even if called, a strike is not expected to last over a month (which should not affect "Sailormoon"). The actual dubbing of the features could be scheduled for later this Summer with the release unaffected for the Holiday Season.

    However, you never know.....

    Special thanks to Jason Huhn for being the first to alert us of this situation.

    We're back Chibi-Usa!  We're back!

    Thanks to Samantha for sending us the above scan from The Comic Shop's catalog. This ad appeared in the June 1999 previews section. (Hey Pioneer! Why not grab this and stick it on your web page?) And since it might be hard to read, the text on the lower right-hand side reads (in part): "Look for the Sailor Moon movies this Holiday Season on VHS (dubbed) and DVD (dual language)."

    Online preorders are now being taken at The Right Stuf, Diamond Comics, and

    Lunarock scan
    The album cover as released by EMI Music Canada. The Kid Rhino version may look different.

    Finally In The U.S!

    "Lunarock" Release On Tuesday, June 15!

    Start expecting this second "Sailor Moon" CD in English (with a little Japanese thrown in) to start appearing in your local music stores! It's got some pretty nifty songs and a few surprises! If you shouldn't see it you should move to another town OR it might be simpler to ask your local store to order it for you! With any luck, there should be more information about this CD on the Rhino Records Site!

    Ami Finds A Scene Folder

    "Sailormoon" Guests At AnimeExpo!

    Watch for our special feature on Kazuko Tadano & Hiromi Matsushita (the husband and wife team which worked on "Sailormoon" and) who will be special guests of AnimeExpo 1999. Join us, July 16-18, at what promises to be the most congested place on earth! Visit our Conventions page for past events.

    Kaz and Naoko!Usagi (anime) model sheetUsagi/Sailor Moon (anime) model sheetthe girls pay a visit to Studio Live - err Dive...
    "Kaz" with her style & Naoko with original.
    Some of Kaz's model sheets for the first series.
    Studio Live in Japan.

    We're Also Visiting Otakon!

    Hello, I'm Hiroko and let me see if you're on my list! Some of the east coast branch has decided to visit Otakon 1999! This anime convention will be held July 2-4 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland. While there are no "Sailormoon" related guests scheduled, there will be plenty of other guests and events. Visit the Otakon site for more details!

    So now you can join us on two coasts this Summer! Make your plans today!

    Cool Logo What's Hot?
  • Animated Features
    Pioneer Entertainment to release all 3 "Sailormoon" features in 3 different versions and in 2 formats!
  • Off-Topic
    Our Neighbor Dragonball, the success of Pokemon, and that Bermuda Triangle of anime, Airbats.
  • SOS International Support
    And what is with this SOS Russia?
  • SOS Fan Arts
    Do fans know no bounds? See the newest work of "art," the art of the odango, and reconsider the terrifying tiny tot today!
  • Support Sailor Moon by Buying Sailor Moon Goodies!!
    Try to make your purchases from the Sci-Fi Channel Store or maybe give a visit with their "Sailormoon" specific page (but you won't find the terrific RPG game there nor Coast To Coast's new line of watches)! Meanwhile, on the "Inedible World of DiC" front, the chocolate Easter "Bunnies" continue to delight at the same time the "Sailor Moon Pasta" continues to cause stomach unrest to our friends in the North. On the domestic front, Rhino Records' Anime CD continues to please while our Toy Roundup addresses the international arena.
  • Italian Sailor Moon!
    All this talk about pasta has made us hungry for some manga!
  • Sailor Moon Sightings Of A Different Kind!
    Of prehistoric times, of the sci-fi kind, of the deviant, defiled Disney kind, of the United Airlines kind, the Airbats kind, and of the ReBoot kind.
  • Comic-Con Comments
    Read Stu Levy's response and our reply!
  • Utah!
    Fans in this state are reminded to write their nearby "Sailor Moon" friendly TV station!
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  • SOS Demographics
  • Hi Everyone!

    Send In Those Ballots Now!

    Write-In Nominations Due Wednesday, June 16!

    Recently, the gaming industry's highest award, the Origins Awards (presented by the Game Manufacturers Association [GAMA]), announced the five nominations for last year's best Roleplaying Game. Surprisingly, the "Sailor Moon" RPG wasn't even nominated! Fans who know their games (and know how good this one in particular is) are encouraged to send in a write-in vote.

    Please visit the GAMA site and printout a ballot.

    Near the end of the ballot, under "Best Roleplaying Game" there is a space for a write-in title. Please write in: "Sailor Moon RPG and Resource Book." Where it asks for "Manufacturer," please write in: "Guardians Of Order." You'll be glad you did! (We want to encourage others within the roleplaying world to try this game and in the process discover "Sailormoon.")

    Directions for mailing are on the printout.

    Send In Your Love Today!

    Last Call For Sumo Senshi Caption Contest!

    These captions are really funny!

    Yeow! How would you caption this? Exactly! That's what's behind our Caption Contest!

    Make sure to visit our original story behind this event before entering the contest!

    Remember, you can only enter once from each email address that you might have. Only the first email entry from an address will be considered. So make your first one count! We won't post any of the entries until the contest is over--so there'll be no improving upon someone else's entry.

    And easy on the fat jokes, okay? We're not holding this contest to make fun of some of our weight-challenged friends. In Japan, sumos are revered for their huge girth--which is one of the reasons why wrestlers can have so much fun with events such as these.

    Okay! Let's see the photos!

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    I guess we'll have to wait and see...

    Finally, a true "Look! Up in the sky!" sighting.

    JLA #27

    It's a bird!
    It's a plane!
    It's..... Sailor Mars?!

    If you get too close, I will fall on you and you will be pinned.
    "We are pirated merchandise and have come to invade your planet!"

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