Sailor Moon S
& Sailor Moon Super S
To Be Presented By The
Cartoon Network
Together at last!

Special Thanks To
The Cartoon Network & Cloverway, Inc.
And to the thousands of Sailor Moon fans who sent in the most letters ever to run an animated series in history!

Starting on Monday, June 12, 2000, the Cartoon Network in the United States will present 38 new English dubbed episodes of the "Sailormoon S" television series. The series will be presented at 4:00pm EDT & PDT on weekdays within it's Toonami block of programming. Currently, there are no plans to show these new episodes during their "Midnight Run" of Toonami. The network is receiving only one version of these episodes and has asked for very few changes in them (which maybe due to pre-editing by the other companies involved).

The Cartoon Network has not received all of the "Sailormoon S" (SMS) episodes but, it appears to us, that all of the companies involved seem confident that the final episodes will be received in time by the end of this premiere run. After the premiere run, the same 38 episodes will be repeated. During the second run, the network plans to interrupt the schedule with some special non-Sailor Moon programming--but none of the SMS episodes will be skipped.

Originally the network had hoped to start SMS on Monday, June 5, along with the premiere of "Tenchi Muyo" and the expansion of the Toonami block to 3 hours. But the deal for the dubbing of the new Sailormoon series and the dubbing of SMS took longer than expected. These changes were then scheduled for Monday, July 3 which (as far as SMS was concerned) the Save Our Sailors campaign adamantly opposed. Starting a new series during the holidays would blunt the ratings and could hurt the rest of the premiere run. Dubbing, however, picked up and so when the network executives returned after the Memorial Day holidays they suddenly (and without any warning to their own web site) went ahead and moved the premiere to June 12. Network interstitials (ads on the Cartoon Network for SMS) began running only one week before the planned premiere on Monday, June 5. "Tenchi Muyo" and the Toonami expansion should take place, as last scheduled, on Monday July 3.

We thank the Cartoon Network for moving up the premiere even though it may have inconvenienced the dubbing company Optimum Productions and This does however give less lead time to get the word out but this has been part of our responsibility. We've certainly have gone as far as we could to alert fans to the distinct possibility of new episodes airing. Regardless, the lack of lead time is far more desirable than starting a new series on Monday, July 3 (and with every week thereafter). As we have noted elsewhere, with each passing week, Summer viewing patterns become ingrained--making it that much harder to lure viewers.

In late September or possibly early October, the network intends to premiere the English dub of the "Sailormoon SuperS" (SuperS) television series. (We have had conflicting reports of the number of episodes to be broadcast but the entire story will be presented.)

Originally, the Cartoon Network preferred (and so did we) that both SMS & SuperS be presented over the (Northern Hemisphere) Summer. But, as previously mentioned, the deal and the dubbing took longer than expected. As far as we can tell, the only reason for scheduling SuperS in late September or early October is to give Optimum Productions, enough time to start and complete this second series.

Besides the production issues, the Cartoon Network currently has the goal of introducing new series or episodes every 3 months. The emphasis of the network has switched to new programming to justify increasing ad rates and to differentiate itself from its offshoot, the "Boomerang" network (which is mostly made-up of old Hanna-Barbera programming). The network is interested in premiering SuperS as soon as possible--even at the expense of scheduling the series against the onslaught of new, Fall programming. The Cartoon Network has even more new programming coming in at the end of the year (2000). This new programming is made up of original cartoons & other series (some headed for Toonami).

The Save Our Sailors campaign requests that (even though fans may find it hard to accept) the Cartoon Network delay the airing of the SuperS series until early 2001, when, we believe that new episodes would have a much greater impact and score higher ratings over the life of the contract. We understand why such a schedule may not be possible but trust that the network take it under consideration. We believe that this may not inconvenience the Irwin Toy company and DiC Entertainment because of other scheduling possibilities.

The episodes are being produced by Toei's representatives in the United States, Cloverway. DiC Entertainment is not producing the series but will continue to license some of the toys and merchandise. (This will be the subject of a future article discussed at the end of this report.)

Toei negotiated an exclusive 3 year cable run of both new series to the Cartoon Network. No other U.S. cable network can run these new episodes during this time. The episodes cannot be syndicated to local U.S. stations for at least 1 year (until June of 2001) and possibly longer. How much longer is still being kept confidential--which we must respect. When the new series reach syndication, they may contain elements not in the Cartoon Network run.

Via The Program Exchange, the Cartoon Network also currently holds the exclusive U.S. cable network rights to the first 82 episodes, which consists of the "Sailormoon" & "Sailormoon R" television series.

Although we are not privy to the negotiations and the actual contracts, it appears to us that the Cartoon Network & Toei did not enter into a co-financing deal which could have resulted in Turner Networks owning all of the English rights (to the new series only) internationally for several years. Toei & Cloverway seem free to make separate arrangements in Canada, Down Under & in the UK. The SOS feels fairly certain that a Canadian deal will be made; however, Down Under & UK deals may call for some local action. We strongly urge SOS chapters in those territories to consult their friendly, national "Sailor Moon" broadcaster(s).

In a few weeks we plan to give our report (over a year in the making) of this most turbulent adventure: The twists & turn of events, the reversal of fortunes, the beheadings, bloodlettings and heart attacks which befell the participants & companies in bringing this cartoon to you. (Well, it wasn't all that bad--but it wasn't exactly a smooth flight!)

To Show Our Thanks

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