Lisa as Sailor Moon
The Simpsons as anime characters
Sightings of the D'oh! Kind
Simpsons Moon!
"Most obvious. Sighting. Ever."

On Sunday, December 14, 2003, Fox premiered a new episode ("'Tis the Fifteenth Season") of The Simpsons which briefly featured the family portraying different Japanese superheros. Homer was Ultraman; Bart was Atom (Astro) Boy; Lisa was Sailor Moon; Maggie was Pikachu from Pokemon and perhaps in a reference that only "The Comic Book Guy" would get, Marge was Jun from Gatchaman (also known as G-Force or Battle of the Planets).

Sailor Moon fans have been eagerly anticipating some sort of homage ever since the Simpsons visited Japan in an episode several years ago (which seemed to mention everything BUT Sailor Moon). The producers of The Simpsons have always shown an appreciation of Japan and especially Japanese television in their half-hour animated series.

And it makes perfect sense to us that Lisa, the smart one, would choose to be Sailor Moon. We're glad to see that she's finally grown out of her "Happy Little Elves" and Malibu Stacy phase. How long has that girl been 8?!

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