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Tell The World!

Well, at least your school & neighborhood!

Well, what good is it if we're the only ones who know that Sailor Moon is returning to the Cartoon Network schedule? What about the thousands (well, probably the tens of thousands) who gave up watching the network over the past year? And what about those who may have just gotten cable TV? What about them, huh?! And what about the unwashed masses who have never even heard of Sailor Moon? Or anime??? Or who think that the Jackie Chan Adventures is a really good anime "cartoon!" You know the ones we mean.

It's up to us to let everyone know that a really good anime (and our favorite show) is coming back, so we've provided these two nifty printouts for you to post or give away in your sphere of influence.

Poster 1

Printout Poster #1
PDF version or
html version
Poster 2

Printout Poster #2
PDF version or
html version

Some ground rules 'kay? Ask your parents before printing lots of posters. We don't want you getting in trouble with them. And, if you should be in college or stuck in a cubicle, print lots and lots of them--you know how!!! (Consider it a challenge!)

Post them only where you're allowed to. Don't be disappointed if your posters should be ripped down. Try again (or maybe try to post them somewhere else). See if your local anime, comic book store, Claires, Hot Topic, Wizards of the Coast, or Suncoast location could sneak them up.

But most importantly, give them to friends or people who might actually watch! Don't give them to someone who'll just throw it away. Give them out at school, work, or wherever current or future anime fans hang out. The more people who watch the better our chances of getting "Sailor Stars" dubbed and subbed!

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