Left: front and back of #5 from Germany.  Right: front and back of #856 from Italy.

Envelopes Are Sooo September 10th!
Imported Postcards

Perfect for petitioners in this post-anthrax attacked world are these imported Sailor Moon postcards. Make your statement for an anime filled with love & peace in bright, glossy colors without the recipient in fear of contracting a fatal disease!

Here are some of our favorites from Germany & Italy.

The German postcards sport the rainbow heart logo or the familiar crescent moon design. These were licensed by EM TV & Merchandising AG who handle some Sailor Moon products in German speaking territories. They were printed by ZigZag Posters in Stuttgart. The back of the postcards even sport their telephone number! (0711-456-0488)

The Italian postcards are not printed as well as the Germans and (wouldn't you know it?) are always slightly cut irregular. The 2 shown on this page feature the different Italian logos: the familiar crescent moon and the (we think unapproved) White & Pink letters. These were licensed by Backstage and were printed by Edibas s.r.l. of Torino.

You can buy these in Germany & Italy, or in a music store in Pasadena, California as one of our members did! We think they were imported illegally and are probably available throughout the English speaking world at alternative music stores. (We just hope that American licensers won't mind!)

We don't know how many different styles there are but there seems to be at least 13 of the German ones. (And don't get us started on our collection of pirated postcards from other countries!)

But whether you can find a Sailor Moon one or not just make sure to send your postcard today!

Postcard #1 from Germany. Postcard #13 from Germany.
Postcard #2 from Germany. Postcard #894 from Italy.
Postcard #3 from Germany.

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