Well now, here's a twist.....

Calling Concerned Parents!

Usagi, did I hear someone say ... nikuman?
We know you're out there! We've gotten enough mail from you! (Thanks for all your kind compliments!) But now we may need you to be ready to speak up--in public! On TV shows, in letters to editors and stuff like that!

You see, we're expecting the "Sailormoon-S" television series to get dubbed and with it there may be some unneeded controversy concerning the unsaid relationship between Haruka & Michiru. Did you know that there are some people out there who still fear that TV shows help determine one's sexual orientation? We had no idea! It's shocking! ;)

Even worse, there are parents who actually want children to be totally unprepared and ignorant of the world! They don't want television to help prepare children for the world. They also want to control what you pay for; they want control of cable television and all forms of media.

We do not think that this is a good idea.

Mind you, this isn't even about violence. (There aren't many guns in "Sailormoon"--that's one of the reasons why we watch it!)

Do you feel the same way as we do? We hope so! Please join our Action List and make sure to visit our page in the near future. We may have the "Freedom of The Press" but we do not yet have the "The Right To Receive."

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