Mirror Paredorie
Image from Lil' Stray Kitty's Adopt-A-Youma site.
Question For The Moonies Of The World
Have You Seen Me With Clothes On???

This is one of the Mirror Paredories, creatures which show up in droves in the first 6 episodes of Sailor Stars. The final season hasn't been dubbed into English yet, but has been dubbed into many other languages in different countries around the world. Our question is, does anyone know of one of these versions where the Mirror Paredories were graphically edited to have clothes on? If so, please let us know which language/country it is and describe the clothes they were given. For super mondo extra bonus points, send us a screenshot or scan of the clothed version!

Note: The Paredories do disguise themselves as Neherenia, so you could say they're wearing clothes then, but what we're looking for is pictures from any foreign language version where they're given clothes at a point where they were naked in the original Japanese version.

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