Thanks For Selecting New Homes!
Usagi's Home

After our posting our story, "Finding A New Home," we were once again deluged with letters from you, fellow fans of Sailor Moon! Thank you! As always we read every single one and had some favorites and not-so-favorite. We were impressed how well some of you knew the business of networks. The response also served as an informal survey of which networks you watch (let alone receive)!

With these letters the SOS will now try to select only 3 places to focus a "Sailor Stars" campaign. Along the way, our Industry Contacts will make some phone calls and "take some meetings" so that you (and we) will not be wasting any time (which has been one of our most important goals)!

And just so you know, there were various reasons for our excluding certain networks from discussion in the story. In brief, here's why:

Action! - Does not pay for any series to be dubbed.
Encore - Does not premiere any new versions of series
(hence, the name of their network).
HBO - Has shown no interest in anime series.
The International Channel - Does not pay for anime to be dubbed
(though could eventually present subtitled version).
MTV - Wants to own all the animation it pays for.
Teletoon Canada - YTV is far more likely to show "Sailor Stars."
TokyoPop - Is not a network nor a company which could afford dubbing.

The Cartoon Network is still a possibility. But with each passing day WB-TV seems to be distancing the network away from premiere anime. We hope this might change.

Look for news on our "Sailor Stars" campaign soon! And once again, thank you!

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