New Dart Collectible Card Game Delayed!

We've received word from Mark MacKinnon that the new Dart Collectible Card Game (originally scheduled for release in May) has been delayed until the end of June. You can read all about these cards in one of our reports, in a story on and in Mark's preview of the game in the May 2000 (#7.3) edition of Scrye magazine. (He reminds us that a sneak preview of 9 foil chase cards were included with Dart's Sailor Moon Archive Trading Card series.) In an upcoming edition of Inquest Magazine there is to be an article by Mark about a "Killer Deck" for this new game. (Isn't it a bit early to be giving it away?) He's promised us a set for our standard, rigourous testing in our SOS Top Secret Underground Proving Grounds (our Games Editor's basement) as well as our exhaustive, comprehensive field survey (a bratty 10 year old girl who lives next door). Look for our review as soon as they print the darned things. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out our latest review of the new games and books available from the Guardians of Order.

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