Rini's first ploy to get Serena's crystal... which was censored out
"Your Crystal or Your Life!"

Well, that would be a bit confusing to explain without any kind of reference, so let's take it from the top.

Pretty Soldier Sailormoon

"Scouts Honor!"

The One Area
In Which DiC
Has Excelled...


Trade them,
mix them,
share them
with a friend!

Failure Scouts
Fashion Challenged
Moon Twit
Moon Viruses
Sailor Brats
Sailor Failures
Sailor Saps
Sailor Wimps
Scout Jamboree
Serena The Hyena
Slime Sisters

and one of
our favorites...

Twisted Sisters!
46 episodes, Episodes 1 - 46
English Language Episodes 1 - 40
Japanese Premiere, March 7, 1992

In the English Language Version, many of
the names were changed, including:

Usagi Tsukino = Serena
Mamoru Chiba = Darien
Tuxedo Kamen = Tuxedo Mask
Naru = Molly
Umino = Melvin
Ami Mizuno = Amy Anderson
Rei Hino = Raye Hino
Makoto Kino = Lita
Minako Aino = Mina

The Dark Kingdom = The Negaverse
Queen Metallia = The Negaforce

Besides changing names, many images were censored or altered.

In addition, the Sailor Soldiers' magic phrases (which were in English to begin with) were changed. For instance, the transformation phrases all originally ended with "Make Up," i.e. "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" Almost all the attack names were changed, although some just had the Soldier's planet name and a verb added on; for example, "Venus Crescent Beam Smash" was originally just "Crescent Beam." It is interesting to note, though, that in English Language episodes 66-82, Sailor Mercury's attack was "Shine Aqua Illusion," exactly as it was in the original. See the sidebar below for a list of attack phrase changes.

Magic Phrase Changes
Japanese English
OMoon Tiara ActionO Moon Tiara Magic
OShabon Spray
O("Soap Bubble Spray")
O Mercury Bubbles Blast
OFire SoulO Mars Fire Ignite
OAkuryou Taisan
O("Evil Spirits,
O Mars Fireballs Charge
OSupreme ThunderO Jupiter Thunder Crash
OCrescent BeamO Venus Crescent Beam Smash
OMoon Healing
O Moon Healing Activation
OMoon Princess
O Moon Scepter Elimination
OShabon Spray FreezingO Mercury Bubbles Freeze
OFire Soul BirdO Mars Firebird Strike
OCrescent ShowerO Venus Crescent Shower
OThunder DragonO Jupiter Thunder Dragon
OVenus Love-Me Chain O Venus Love Chain Encircle
OShine Aqua IllusionO Mercury Icestorm Blast
OSparkling Wide
O Jupiter Thunderclap Zap
OBurning MandalaO Mars Celestial Fire
O Surround
The first season concerns Serena, Luna, Amy & Raye's search for the Moon Princess while Queen Beryl has Jedite, then Neflite, steal energy from people to unleash the Negaforce (and takeover the Earth).

Serena is given a broach which activates her powers whenever she calls out, "Moon Prism Power!" As Sailor Moon she destroys her foes with a Tiara whenever she calls out, "Moon Tiara Magic!"

In the next plot arc, Queen Beryl has Zoycite and Malachite seek the 7 Rainbow Crystals which contain the 7 Rainbow Warriors which can takeover the Earth. Meanwhile, the Scouts still search for the Moon Princess since she is the only one who can defeat the Negaverse.

Serena (unlike most superheroes) is given a wand with which she can heal people. It's activated whenever she calls out, "Moon Healing Activation!"

Five Episodes were dropped and two edited into one to create a 65 episode package for syndication. The episodes dropped from the first season were:

Melvin and his friends are possessed by an evil fortune-teller 2. Serena meets Andrew for the first time. Melvin (and other students) get(s) possessed by an evil fortune teller (part of a Negaverse plot, of course) and go on a rampage. Melvin flips up Miss Haruna's skirt, making her cry. Serena forgets her transformation phrase, that turns her into Sailor Moon.

Serena uses Luna to make Sammy cower in the corner The Negaverse is selling creatures that brainwash you... and Sammy buys one! 5. Serena has to get permission to keep Luna because her brother, Sammy, hates cats. He gets his own pet which turns out to actually be part of a Negaverse plot. This is also the only episode where Sailor Moon uses her "Moon Tiara Stardust," in which her tiara flies around sprinkling stardust on the possessed shoppers, turning them back to normal.

Serena, disguised as a jazz singer, goes into a night club and orders Cream Soda, much to the waiter's chagrin. 6. A great story about the love between a jazz artist and his producer. Jedite tries to sneak subliminal music into the recording studio that will make your brain melt when you listen to the music... but Sailor Moon defeats his henchman with its own sonic attack, using the stage amp to reflect it right back. She also uses the Disguise Pen to sneak into a night club, with Luna around her neck like a new-age stole.

'You know, I think this house just might be haunted.' 20. Serena, Amy and Raye go to the beach for what they think will be a vacation. Instead their resort turns out to be a haunted house. They have to settle a restless spirit and keep Serena from completely losing it before they can get a good night's sleep.

Under a pale streetlight by the sea, Mina reflects on her past.
The past belongs behind us.  Mina casts away the photo and resolves to live for the future.
42. A background episode on Sailor Venus, showing why she left London where she had been catching criminals; a sad story of lost love and severed friendships. This episode shows a lot of Mina that we never get to see: the lonely warrior with a tragic past that hides beneath her giggling exterior.

Wouldn't You Be Confused Too?


In the original manga was a man
and not in love with Kunzite.

In the anime version was a man
and in love with Kunzite.

In the English version is a woman
and in love with Kunzite
(now called Malachite).

Lord knows what they'll do to him/her
in a live action feature!

The two episodes combined were:

Sailor Mercury... burned by magma and squeezed to death while holding off the DD Girls.
Sailor Jupiter... pushed Sailor Moon out of the way of a trap, and was ensnared in vines (which she then electrocuted, along with herself).
45 & 46. In episode 45, after arriving at "D-Point" all the Scouts get killed except for Sailor Moon, who is taken into Queen Beryl's lair. Episode 46 had the actual fight between the two. The English version cut the tragedy out of both episodes, something there was plenty of. Most fans who have seen both versions say that the original episodes were much more effective, and resent the changes.
Sailor Mars... incinerated herself (and 2 DD Girls) in a massive fireball to save Sailor Moon.
Sailor Mars... threw Sailor Moon out of the way of an opening hole in the ice, then focused all of her energy into one Crescent Beam at point-blank range, melting the ice around her.

A magazine warns girls to stay away Rei's grandfather is a lecherous old man in the Japanese Version. Through editing & re-writing Rei's grandfather is no longer a threat to decency. This leaves young viewers unprepared to deal with the possible conflict of adult sexual abuse. Most first-world communities are no longer in denial over the existence of this behavior and believe that children need to be informed on when adult behavior is unacceptable. DiC's version is a dis-service--its censorship would not meet most community standards.
(A magazine warns girls to stay away; Grandpa is less than thrilled.)

Sailormoon R
(The "R" stands for either the Return of Sailormoon or Romance.)

42 Episodes, Episodes 47 - 89
English Language Episodes 41 - 82
The original 65 English episode package ended with the Japanese episode 72.
An additional 17 episodes were dubbed later.

Lewd, Crude, and Socially Unacceptable?  Or just hilarious?
Scenes as innocuous as this (from Episode 65) were cut by DiC for fear of imitative behavior.
There are 2 stories within Sailormoon R:

The Doom Tree Series
13 Episodes, Episodes 47 - 59
English Language Episodes 41 - 53

Sailormoon R
29 Episodes, Episodes 60 - 89
English Language Episodes 54 - 82

Changed names include:

Seijyurow = Allen
Natsumi = Ann

Cooan = Katzy
Beruche = Bertie
Calaverasse = Avery
Petz = Prizma
Chibi-Usa = Rini

The third season starts with The Doom Tree story which concerns two aliens (Allen & Ann) who need to steal human energy in order to stay alive.

The second story concerns the Four Sisters and their brother, Rubius, who come back from the future on behalf of the Negamoon ("Black Moon" in the original Japanese Version) to chase after Rini (Serena's "new" relative). The Four Sisters and Rubius believe that Rini has the Silver Empyrean Crystal with which they can takeover Crystal Tokyo. Sailor Pluto, and her mission, is introduced as well.

Serena is given a new broach to transform into Sailor Moon. She activates it by calling out, "Moon Crystal Power!" Serena is also given a scepter to defeat or heal her opponents--activated by calling out, "Moon Scepter Elimination!" Not to be left-out, Rini can summon-up all sorts of magical things by tossing up her Luna-P ball and calling out, "Kitty Magic!"

Only one episode was dropped from this series (though censorship continued unabated). The episode dropped was:

Rini turns the Luna Ball into a medical kit to treat the dinosaur's wounds 67. The Scouts go on vacation to a remote island for another attempt at some relaxation... and find a dinosaur. Rini turns the Luna Ball into a medical kit to bandage its wounds. Of course, when the others come looking for her, they run into MAMA Plesiosaur!

The first Outer Senshi - Pluto, Uranus and Neptune The English version of this series stayed much closer to the original than earlier episodes. In the 17 episodes which were dubbed later, they even started calling the girls, "Sailor Soldiers," a closer translation of "Sailor Senshi."

"Inner Senshi" refers to those who represent the Inner Planets--those which are closest to the Sun, the Earth and our Moon. They are Sailors Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. "Outer Senshi" refers to those who represent the Outer Planets--those which are the furthest from the Sun, the Earth and our Moon. They are Sailors Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Sailormoon R The Movie

The Ginzuishou as a flower Centering on the power of friendship and the dissolution of loneliness, this story concerns Mamoru's past (which he of course can't remember).

Artemis detects an asteroid hurtling towards Earth. Shaped like a seed and controlled by an (evil?) alien named Fiore who plans to drop millions of energy draining flowers on Earth. He kidnaps Mamoru for his own purposes.

The Kiss of Life The Sailor Senshi use their Teleport to go to his asteroid and try to rescue Mamoru, not to mention foil the alien's plot. But Fiore accuses them of not knowing his true motivations and his loneliness. The Sailor Senshi's reply shows just how much they have come to depend on Usagi in an emotional sense.

Most fans agree that this is the best of the features so far.

Sailormoon S
(The "S" stands for Super)

37 Episodes, Episodes 90 - 127

This series is generally regarded to be the best, with more plot twists and character development than usual. (Episode 89 is a re-cap episode which was produced to introduce the reoccurring characters to new viewers.)

Sailor Saturn, the Messiah of Silence Rei sees a vision of three lights coming together in the sky, and then the world is destroyed. We then meet Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite, who are in search of "pure hearts."

Shortly thereafter, a monster shows up and assaults Rei, extracting a little crystal from her chest. The Sailor Senshi's attacks seem to have no affect on the monster. The creature even rips the broach right off of Sailor Moon's chest.

But when all seems lost, a ball of energy appears and nails the creature. Two shadowy figures stand in a tree, contemplating the heart crystal. "It's not a talisman," one says. They toss the crystal to Rei and disappear.

Thus the mystery begins to unfold, with monsters sent by Professor Tomoe and led by Kaolinite to take the heart crystals out of those they deem pure of heart; and the two others--turn out to be Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, who are trying to find the heart crystal that is a "talisman."

Mistress 9 After Kaolinite is defeated, the dark forces are led by the Witches 5. Their mission is to open a gateway to Earth from another plane, for the insidious being known as Pharaoh 90 to cross over and make Earth into his personal stronghold from which to take over the entire galaxy. However, as the Witches 5 come closer to their goal, an ancient fail-safe is activated... as the last resort, the warrior of Silence is awakened from her thousand-year slumber to destroy the Earth before Pharaoh 90 can get there, thus sacrificing the Earth for the good of the galaxy. She is Sailor Saturn, and she is to surface from within the body of a quiet girl named Hotaru.

Sailor Pluto returns to help try to find the talismans before it's too late. Chibi-usa also comes back, now a Sailor Scout in training.

Will they destroy Hotaru, now Chibi-usa's friend, before her metamorphosis is complete? Will Super Sailor Moon, with her newly enhanced powers, be able to protect Hotaru, keep Sailor Saturn from destroying the planet, and stop Pharaoh 90? The finale of this series is unpredictable and different!

Haruka (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru (Sailor Neptune) The Intriguing Relationship between Haruka and Michiru

Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune) share an interesting relationship that is rather unique by the standards of Western television. Throughout the series, the two are always together, and occasionally they show signs of affection for one another; they never kiss, but subtle indications emerge to suggest a deeper relationship.

Many Western viewers see this and assume that the two are lesbians. However, similar relationships of trust and interdependence often develop among Japanese girls, and their parents are happy to see this because it means that their daughter will always have someone she can depend on. So even though something is implied by the close relationship of Haruka and Michiru, it may not be what it appears to Western viewers.

At the 1998 San Diego Comic-Con Naoko told an audience that they are "lovers"and became that way because they fit naturally together. She said that in Japan, girls 16 and up go through a very emotional process so that such a relationship is possible. And when compared to the other 5 scouts (who are going to school) that, "...those two have a lot more free time." The audience laughed.

Italian Kappa Magazine interview

As to their actual relationship, Phoenix was kind enough to provide the following interview Takeuchi-sensei did with the Italian Kappa Magazine, which appeared in their September 1996 issue.

A translation of a portion of the interview (thanks to Icefalcon and Mackenzie of alt.fan.sailor-moon for the translation) reads as follows:

Although the animated series (because of the censorship brought to Italy) does not particularly give it meaning, there is a rather ambiguous relationship between Michiru and Haruka. Care to comment?

The relationship between Michiru and Haruka is a little peculiar. The truth in their feelings is that they have a very serious and pure friendship. The relationship, on account of the friendship between the two fighters is so strong that it flowed into love. Love does not only exist between different sexes, but can also come forth as a homosexual love, in this case between two girls.

Considering Sailor Moon's young audience, have there been any problems with this?

In Japan, boys seek girls with a popular strong temperament. The popular tradition of my country sees the maximum feminine emancipation in the Takarazuka, the Japanese sun theater women. These actresses take all roles, even male parts. They were an inspiration to me in creating the personage of Haruka. It was not easy to make the children understand that a true love between two women could exist: Haruka is masculine, in dress and speech, and it is natural that she has male tastes. It is normal, then, that she loves Michiru.

The relationship of Haruka and Michiru is yet another sweet and entertaining aspect of the show, and fans of the original series devoutly hope that it will remain faithfully represented in any future dubbed episodes.

Sailormoon S The Movie

Sailor Moon S Movie From deep space, an icy asteroid approaches Earth. On it is an evil ice Queen, intent on freezing over the entire planet and making it into a chilly home for herself and her Snow Dancer minions. However, an important crystal breaks off and falls onto a beach, observed only by an astronomer named Kakeru.

Thinking it's a meteorite, Kakeru takes it home and puts it in a petri dish near his bed. Then, as he sleeps, it begins draining his energy.

Meanwhile, as the girls are shopping, Luna gets sick and decides to head home. She collapses right in the middle of an intersection, and a car speeds right toward her ...but at the last instant she is pulled out of the way by Kakeru. She develops a crush on him.

Later, the Sailor Senshi battle the Snow Dancers that are looking for the crystal, then learn of the Queen's plot and Teleport to her asteroid.

The story mostly concerns Luna's crush on Kakeru, her unhappiness that she's not a human and how she and Artemis fall in love. The Outer Senshi also appear and help with the battle.

Sailormoon SuperS

38 Episodes, Episodes 128 - 166

This series centers mostly on Chibi-usa. The Outer Senshi are gone, but a new ally surfaces, a winged horse known as Pegasus.

Fish's Eye Hawk's Eye During an eclipse, a huge floating circus tent appears and from which three new enemies: Hawkseye, Tigerseye and Fisheye, begin their search through people's hearts for "beautiful dreams."

It's up to the Sailor Senshi to stop them, and soon Pegasus appears to upgrade all the Sailor Senshi's powers, and to assist Sailor Moon and Chibi-usa in a rather lethal combo-attack.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon switch ages... much to Usagi's consternation. This series concentrates more on hijinks and doing interesting things with the characters than on deep storylines; Usagi and Chibi-usa switch ages at one point, for instance. Later, the trio of enemies give way to the Amazoness Quartet and an evil queen named Neherenia.

Sailormoon SuperS The Movie

The Sailor Moon SuperS Movie The third of the Sailor Moon Movies kicks off with a plague of worldwide child abductions and a cookie bake-off between Usagi and Chibi-usa.

Following the same spirit as the SuperS series, this movie has laughs aplenty and a heartwarming story. In addition, the Outer Senshi show up again for half of it!

The general plotline is that an evil woman, Vadianne, has subverted the fairies responsible for candy being so tasty to children. One of the fairies, Peruru, resists the brainwashing. While forming a bit of a romance with Chibi-usa, Peruru assists the Sailor Senshi in foiling Vadianne's plot to grow a Black Dream Hole out of the sugar energy from the abducted children.

The quality of animation and the music for this Movie are the best yet!

Sailormoon Sailor Stars

33 Episodes, Episodes 167 - 200

Sailor Stars, the fifth series The last series introduces several new phenomenon and explains many unanswered questions about the Sailor Senshi. The first six episodes are actually a conclusion to the SuperS series. The Outer Senshi return (including Saturn), and help the Inner Senshi defeat Neherenia.

After that, everything changes. The girls are now in High School, with new uniforms. Mamoru goes away to college in America (but gets captured right off the plane by a new villain). A new enemy appears, calling herself Sailor Iron Mouse. And three new allies are introduced, calling themselves Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Healer, and Sailor Star Maker.

Sailor Iron Mouse plots her next attack Iron Mouse is searching for the "Star Seeds" in people of extraordinary merit; she draws a crystal out of their forehead, and when it isn't the right one (which is always, until she finds the right person) it turns black and the person turns into an evil Sailor Soldier, like "Sailor Guts" for a football player, "Sailor Conductor" for a conductor, and "Sailor Chef" for a chef.

Meanwhile the Sailor Starlights always show up to kill the newly-possessed person--but Sailor Moon wants to get there first so that she can heal them instead.

The final battle approaches.  Notice the sword! ^_^ Sailor Galaxia, idly palming a Sailor Crystal Later other Sailor Animates emerge, such as Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Siren. (We do not make these things up.) They are all created by Sailor Galaxia, who appears to be a full-fledged Sailor Soldier clad in gold armor. Eventually the truth becomes known about the nature of the Sailor Senshi (their very existence) and it comes down to a final battle between two characters.

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