Parachute Not Included
Three Little Words...

The Luna Spheres are now available at toy stores, online stores and at a Wal Mart store near you!

The Save Our Sailors campaign strongly encourages ALL fans of Sailor Moon to buy this toy at this time for 2 very good reasons:

  1. It's a good toy, and.....
  2. We think, that there is a very good chance, that Irwin Toys maybe considering taking the lead on getting the final season ("Sailor Stars") dubbed!

While we're pretty sure that Irwin knows of your feelings towards the Voice Artists and past adaptations, it's too early to tell how much, if any, fan input would be allowed (though conditions look good). We will offer our services to any and all of the companies involved in conducting a survey of all fans.

So please, hunt down this toy and buy at least 2 of them right now! (1 for yourself and 1 as a gift for a Sailor Moon fan unable to buy one.) We will probably never have such a great opportunity again.

And, in our latest update on Irwin Toys, we had reported that the Luna Balls had no scheduled release and that they were being held up for one reason or another. Well guess what? That turned out to be true but had been resolved right before we had posted the story.

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