ADV logo ADV Films
The United States company which is distributing the DiC episodes for Home Video.

ANS logo Anime News Service
The best place to find new and old press releases primarily from U.S. based anime companies. Also some news from Japan.

Bandai logo Bandai, Japan
The Japanese toy company which sponsored the series and presents the live Sera-Myu productions.

Bandai logo Bandai's Sailormoon Site
Bandai's Japanese Sailormoon site for toys, products and the Sera-Myu productions.

CN logo The Cartoon Network, United States
The cable network which has presented the series the longest and helped pay for the dubbing of the "Sailor Moon S" and "Sailor Moon SuperS" series.

Cloverway logo Cloverway, Inc.
Toei's representative in the United States for English speaking markets. (This URL has been reserved but has not been activated by the company.)

DIC logo DiC Entertainment
The United States company which produced the first 82 English dubbed episodes and holds many of the merchandising rights for the English speaking markets.

DIC logoDiC's Sailor Moon Website
DiC's Sailor Moon site. (This URL has been reserved but has not been activated by DiC.)

GoO logo The Guardians Of Order
The Canadian company for collectible card games and the publisher of the Sailor Moon Resource Books.

GoO logo Collectible Card Game
The Guardians Of Order online site for the collectible card game.

Irwin Toys logo Irwin Toys
The Canadian toy company for English speaking markets.
Kodansha logo Kodansha
The Japanese company which first published and handled all the rights concerning Sailor Moon.

Nakayoshi logo Nakayosi
The Japanese magazine (owned by Kodansha) which currently publishes Naoko Takeuchi's work.

Optimum Prod. logo Optimum Productions
The Canadian company which dubbed the episodes for DiC and Cloverway. They also dubbed the features for Pioneer.
Pioneer logo Pioneer Entertainment, United States
The United States subsidiary of the Japanese hardware/entertainment company. Pioneer produced and released the English dubbed and subtitled versions of the features for Home Video and also released (but did not produce) those same versions of the "Sailor Moon S" and "Sailor Moon SuperS" series.

Pioneer logo Kids Animation
Pioneer's kid friendly site with Sailor Moon release information.

TPE logo The Program Exchange
The distributor of the DiC episodes to stations and networks in the United States.

Toei logo Toei Animation
The Japanese animation company which produced the series and features.

TokyoPop logo
The United States company which has been publishing the original Kodansha manga in English.

YTV logo YTV
The Canadian cable network which has presented the series and features.

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