Jus' Chillin'
We've Been Told About The Wonders Of.....

We've been told that if we try laying low for a few weeks that a certain network might consider putting an old show (that we all like) back on their schedule for early 2003. Of course, if a network did that, it would be completely their decision and not because of what any fans did a few months earlier. You know, things like sending emails or calling up a network in the thousands during the course of a single week. (Who would do such a thing?)

And a network certainly wouldn't make such a decision if they were televising a dead hamster in a cage. But then again who wouldn't like to watch the antics of a deceased over-sized rodent at 4pm Eastern and Pacific Time every weekday afternoon? We know we would.

But if a certain network didn't put back on an old show (that we all like) then they couldn't really get all upset if fans went to a rival network which has confirmed interest in scheduling and even paying for new anime (which they wouldn't own). You know those kinds of shows, shows like Speed Racer which companies like DiC (ever hear of them?) have picked up the rights to. Fans could ask a rival network to put on the final season of their favorite show and then all sorts of chaos would break out. But we don't like chaos, so.....

We're going to take a breather for a little while and hopefully everything will end up just peachy keen.

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