Kodansha Clarifies New Campaign

In the September issue of its children's publication, "Tanoshi youchien," Kodansha announces, "Anata wa shitteru? Ai to seigi no bishoujo senshi Sailor Moon ga mata hajimarunoyo"; which translates to, "Do you know? Pretty Soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon is going to start again."

One of our friends in Japan, "Rini" Yoshiaki has been kind enough to find this magazine (and other related publications), scan them and post them for fans to see. (The English writing on his page is a quote from one of our earlier tickertape stories and was not written or reported by Rini.) He's also made a Close-Up scan of Kodansha's comments. On these pages you will find Kodansha & Bandai's new campaign now entitled, "Sailormoon World."

Of particular interest, is the Close-Up page where under the new logo ("Sailormoon World") in red, it reads, "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Toujou" ("Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Appears") and beneath that, in black, is Kodansha's aforementioned announcement. The dolls on this page (dressed in Sera-Myu costumes) are some of the new products available from Bandai.

A friend of ours in Japan pressed Kodansha on what this all means as there has been no new "Sailormoon" mangas, episodes or toys for some while. They asked, in part, "Exactly, what is it that's going to start? I would like to see new anime, manga, and new merchandise at stores."

Kodansha replied and it has been translated as follows, "With our November issue, we are going to start running Sailor Moon Musical stories in anime style drawing. The new toys from Bandai will go out to retail stores in late August. We will introduce new toys and stores (sic) that you can purchase the toys in our October issue. No decision has been made regarding new TV series or manga series."

This is the first time that Kodansha has mentioned that "no decision" has been made concerning a new TV series or manga series. Previously there was no discussion that such a possibility existed. In other words, this is the first time that Kodansha has mentioned that a new TV series or manga series was possible. Fans should also note that Naoko Takeuchi has not continued her serial in the rival publication, "Young You," signalling her possible return to Kodansha.

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