Our Favorite Husband & Wife "Sailormoon" Directors

Kazuko & Hiromi!

Our bi-coastal correspondent checks in with this special feature on Kazuko Tadano & Hiromi Matsushita.

Kaz and Naoko!
"Kaz" with her style
& Naoko with original.
Kazuko Tadano designed the characters of the "Sailormoon" anime based upon the original designs of Naoko Takeuchi's manga. On the television series, Kazuko was also a Sakuga Kantoku (which translates as "Drawing Director" or "Animation Director" but Kaz believes that "Project Director" reflects her contribution more accurately). Besides the first series ("Pretty Soldier Sailormoon") she also worked on "Sailormoon-R" and the "Sailormoon-R" feature.

Hiromi Matsushita is a director in his own right and worked with Kazuko on most of the same episodes (and then some). We're not quite sure what the western equivalent of his series credits would be (perhaps layout or animator--we'll have to ask, or maybe you will)? He does however hold the credit for directing the very first episode:

01.Nakimushi Usagi no karei naru henshin!
The Crybaby Usagi's Splendid Transformation!

A Moon Star Is Born
(The first episode.)

Hiromi also worked on the "Sailormoon-R" feature. Notable drawings he worked on were those 4 girls' (Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako) flashback of their lonely past before becoming friends with Usagi. Remember that scene? (;_;)

Episodes directed by Kazuko (which Hiromi worked on as well):

Stop squirming Luna! 06.Mamore koino melody! Usagi wa cupid!
Protect the Song of Love! Usagi Plays Cupid!

(This is the episode where Usagi comes to the aid of the musician, Yusuke.)
(No English Language Version dubbed)
12.Watashi datte karega hoshii! Goukasen no wana!
I Want A Boyfriend, Too! Trap of Cruise Ship!

Cruise Blues

(The cruise ship episode.)
17.Model wa Usagi? Yoma camera no nessha!
Usagi is a Model? Focus of Demon Camera!

Shutter Bugged
(Student fashion photographer gets possessed by the Negaverse.)

Episode 21, about the anime studio, is filled with in-jokes and animation references--some of which survived (and some of which did not survive) the DiC dubbing.

Most notable throughout the first series was the number of times that Tombo pencils, erasers and x-acto blades pop up in the most unusual ways. Tombo pencils (a Japanese product) are the most popular pencils for animators world-wide. The pencil which gets possessed in this episode is notably not a Tombo (like the other trainees are using) and so therefore it's user almost deserves to become a tool of the Dark Kingdom. To use a pencil which is supposedly better than a Tombo, would mean that one is cheating.

The studio in the original Japanese version was called "Studio Dive" - a pun on Kazuko's & Hiromi's studio at the time, Studio Live. It is not uncommon for the big studios (like Toei) to farm out episodes and feature sequences to smaller studios such as Kazuko & Hiromi's.

The two main characters in the episode, Hiromi Matsuno & Kazuko Tadashita (can you see where this is going?) are slightly based on Hiromi Matsushita & Kazuko Tadano. We've been told that the Hiromi character really does look like Mr. Matsushita himself! We'll find out if it's true at AX!

21.(Co-directed with Hiromi Matsushita)
Kodomotachino yumemamore! Anime ni musubu yuujou!
Protect the Dreams of Children! The Friendship Bound in Anime!

An Animated Mess
(The animation studio episode.)
28.(without Hiromi)
Koino irasuto, Usagi to Mamoru ga sekkin?
The Illustration of Love, Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer?

An Artful Attack
(The artist who's afraid to display her art.)
34.(without Hiromi)
Hikari kagayaku ginzuishou! Tskino princess toujou!
Shining Crystal! The Moon Princess Returns!

A Crystal Clear Destiny
(Serena and Darien get stuck in an skyscraper elevator.)
39.(without Hiromi)
Yoma to pair? Hyoujou no jouou Mako-chan!
A Pair With the Youma? The Queen on Ice, Mako-chan!

Ice Princess
(The episode about ice skating.)
46.Usagi no omoiwa eienni! Atarashiki tensei!
Usagi's Eternal Wish! A New Rebirth!

(Second Half of) Day of Destiny
(The final battle with Queen Beryl.)
53.Mamoru to Usagi no baby sitter soudou!
Mamoru and Usagi's Rebellion as Baby Sitters!

Much Ado About Babysitting
(Darien and Serena babysit.)
Poor poor Darien! 58.Surechigau ai no kokoro! Ikari no Makaiju!
The Disagreeing Feeling of Love! The Makaiju's Anger!

Secret Garden
(The episode with the cardian, Four-Face.)
64.Ginzuishou o motomete! Chibi-Usa no himitsu!
Going After the Ginzuishou! The Secret of Chibi-Usa!

Trouble Comes Thundering Down
(The episode where they lose gravity in a restaurant.)
69.Mezameyo nemureru Bishojo! Mamoru no kunou!
Awaken Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Difficulties!

Prediction of Doom
(Sailor Moon is put under a sleeping spell that Tuxedo Mask breaks.)
A perfect example of divine presence! 88.Hikari to yami no saishuukessen! Mirai ni chikau ai!
The Last Battle Between Light and Dark! Vow to Tomorrow's Love!

Final Battle
(The last episode of "Sailormoon-R".)
95.(Hiromi worked on without Kazuko)
Koi no otaksuke wa Moon ni omokase
Leave It Up To The Moon To Aid In Love
100.(Hiromi worked on without Kazuko)
Sailor Senshi wo yametai!? Minako no nayami
She wants to quit being a Sailor Senshi? Minako's worries!
105.(Hiromi worked on without Kazuko)
Power ga hoshii! Mako-chan no mayoi michi
I Need Power! Makoto's Lost Way!

Kazuko has her own web site in both Japanese and in English.

Usagi (anime) model sheetUsagi/Sailor Moon (anime) model sheet
Some of Kaz's model sheets
for the first series.
She has a message board linked with the words, "Your Voice." You can send her messages from there. Kazuko does write back to fans on the board in Japanese once in a while, but does not seem to be doing the same in English page. So don't expect her to write back but I know for sure she reads all the messages.

There is a special picture you might find interesting on her site. Enter the "Kazz Gallery, " and then click-on "Gallery B Girls (1)." There, you will find her own version of Usagi which Kazuko dedicated to Naoko Takeuchi in Naoko's doujinshi, "Artbook, Infinity." ("Takeuchi Naoko Sailor Moon Genga-Shuu Infinity.") And make sure to visit Kazuko's own profile page in English!

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Editors Note: Working on this story reminded us of how fascinating it was that DiC worked so hard to even dull down the titles!

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