Wednesday March 15, 5:19 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

Bandai Entertainment Announces First Week Ratings for Its New
Animated Series On Cartoon Network, `'Mobile Suit Gundam

CYPRESS, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--March 15, 2000--Home
video distributor Bandai Entertainment Inc., Wednesday
announced its broadcast debut of Gundam Wing on ``Toonami'' --
Cartoon Network on March 6, 2000. 

Gundam Wing has skyrocketed to the top of Cartoon Network's
programming to become the highest rated program on the
``Toonami'' block by a substantial margin. Gundam Wing's
average rating is consistently beating ``Dragonball Z'' and
``Sailor Moon'' in all age categories. 

As for teen ratings, Gundam Wing has been able to maintain its
No. 1 position not just on the ``Toonami'' block, but against
the entire Cartoon Network. 

Gundam Wing's immense popularity can be attributed to the
expanding popularity of Japanese Animation in recent years,
including titles such as ``Pokemon'' and ``Princess

Broadcast Schedule: 

Monday -- Friday 5:30-6 p.m. 

Monday -- Friday 12 a.m.-12:30 a.m. (Midnight) 

The space colonies have grown tired of the oppressive rule by
the Earth Government, a corrupt organization ruled by
politicians who have no interests in the colonists nor their
well-being. Their rules are unjust and unfair, but not

Resistance forces in the colonies have created five special
Mobile Suits (robot-like vehicles) called ``Gundams''. Five
young pilots have been selected to sneak these Gundam down to
Earth and begin a campaign to end the Earth government's
tyrannical rule forever. These pilots carry the hopes and
dreams of thousands of people with them as they descend to
Earth to fight for their freedom. 

What is ``Gundam''? 

``Gundam'' is a set of animated science fiction series that
has been running for the last 20 years on Japanese television.
Celebrating its 20th anniversary last year, the ``Gundam''
franchise has since spawned 8 television series, 8 feature
films, and 4 direct to video releases. The ``Gundam''
franchise has often be referred to as the ``Star Wars of

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Bandai Entertainment is one of the premier distributors of
Japanese animation on home video in North America. They have
distributed such notable titles like ``Mobile Suit Gundam'',
``Silent Mobius'', ``Cowboy Bebop'', and ``The Vision of

Bandai Entertainment is a subsidiary of Bandai America Inc.,
who makes the toys for the FOX hit television series, The
Power Rangers and Digimon. 

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