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The Guardians Of Order have been working overtime to bring you new books and games. After their excellent Sailor Moon Roleplaying Game & Resource Book, the company recently released new supplemental books detailing specific aspects of the Sailor Moon universe. The book series consists of "The Complete Book of Youma, Volume 1" (US$17.95/CAN$24.95), "The Complete Book of Supporting Characters, Volume 1" (also at US$17.95/CAN$24.95 but not yet available), "The Sailor Scout Character Diary", "The Knight Character Diary" and "The Dark Warrior Character Diary" (each at US$5.95/CAN$8.50).

While these were not out in time for Christmas (what where they thinking?), fans should start looking for these at anime shops, comic book stores and online. One of our members found the last Youma book at one of their favorite comic book shops, Golden Age Collectables, in Seattle's Pike Place Market. Our member reports that while the Youma book seems not to skimp on pages (86 total) it is thinner than the Resource Book but thick with detailed information and has several pages (8 total) in full color. These supplements will definitely be of interest to the otaku and most fans.

Finally released are the long overdue Button Men Combat Games. These will mostly pop-up at gaming stores and are available online. There are 6 versions with each one marked at US$5.95/CAN$8.50. As with all Guardians Of Order products, they can be ordered through the mail. Down Under & UK fans can send International Money Orders available at their post offices. Please visit the Guardians Of Order site for current details. (Once you're on their "Sailor Moon" page, click on the link "Contact Us" on the menu bar on the left hand side.)

The Guardians now inform us that they are teaming up with Dart (the trading card company who brought us the Sailor Moon Dart Flipcards), to release a Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game (CCG). Anyone who has played Magic: The Gathering, Ani-Mayhem, or more recently the Pokemon card game knows how much fun it can be to build a deck of game cards and face off against fellow players... but now we can do it Sailor Moon style!

The cards will first be released in May in a limited Premiere Edition, available only through hobby shops and comic book stores. This edition will include 160 different cards, ten of which will be foil chase cards; there will be cards for every Sailor Scout, Negaverse villain and monster from the TV series. Cards will come in six different 60 card Character Decks, a 60 card 2 player Starter Deck, and 11 card Booster Packs. Shortly after the Premiere Edition is released to specialty shops, an Unlimited Edition will be made available to the mass market.

Based on the simple but effective Tri-Stat system found in the Sailor Moon Roleplaying Game and its predecessor Big Eyes Small Mouth (BESM), the Sailor Moon CCG should prove to be a great new way to enjoy the Sailor Moon universe. Meanwhile, the Guardians are sending us some of the Button Men Games (and hopefully the CCG cards) so look for a review from our Gaming Editor sometime soon! Our Editor promises rigorous testing in the SOS state-of-the-art, secret, underground testing lab. (His basement!)

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