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September 2004
We held onto this story for a Sailor Stars campaign but it never happened.
December 2003
Heavy Cat Awaits Deal
It took a lot longer for this company to find out if they could make a deal to produce a video game.
December 2003
No Calendars For You!
(If you were a fan of the anime version.) Toei funnels all your money to their new, live action television series.
September 2002
Calendars for 2003
We first reported DiC's version and later (in January 2003) Toei's version--which then immediately sold out. (Next time we'll just keep our big mouths shut!) (DiC has since moved so please don't send any more letters to the address shown.)
July 2002
Proposed Video Game
Heavy Cat Multimedia asks fans for input for a proposed video game.
June 2002
Pinball Game & Bandai's Website
After posting our story about a cheap, handheld pinball game we received an unconfirmed report from a fan saying that you could actually buy one of these! And, we also wrote about the pain of being a Japanese fan.
March 2002
Irwin Toys Drops Line
Sailor Saturn abandoned in the U.S., we suggest the return of Bandai and DiC seeks out action figure companies.
December 2001
YTV & Irwin's Co-op Deal
With U.S. sales way down, Irwin tried to boost the Canadian market.
October 2001
Calendars for 2002
Toei created new art and DiC improved its version.
September 2001 Enters Reality
We track the announced opening, delayed festivities and the "Ikuni" connection with a new anime store opening in North America.
August 2001
Buy The Luna Ball!
We encouraged fans to buy this new, gender-free toy.
August 2001
CCG Wins Origins Award
The Guardians Of Order won Best Trading Card Game of 2000.
August 2001
Irwin's New & Improved Dolls
They looked so much better plus they previewed the Wicked Lady & Sailor Mini-moon set!
August 2001
WB Stores To Close
One of our favorite chains called it quits but we briefly reviewed some replacements.
May 2001
Toy Roundup 2
Again, a lot of different developments including the sale of the Irwin Toy company, websites reviewed, plus one final note concerning the WB Stores.
December 2000
New UFO Dolls
Banpresto introduced new mini-plushies that were only available in Japan. Today you can find them at places like ebay.
December 2000
WB Stores Carry Trading Cards
The chain added the Guardians Of Order cards for the Christmas season.
October 2000
Calendars for 2001
Toei reintroduced a Sailormoon Calendar for 2001.
October 2000
WB Stores Add Sailor Moon
With Pokemon on the decline, the chain looked to Toonami merchandise to lift sales.
September 2000
Collectible Card Game Review
How the game works and why we like it so much!
July 2000
Collectible Card Game Delayed
An update on why the game wasn't coming out as originally announced.
May 2000
Button Men & Character Diaries Review
These new products underwent vigourous testing in our super-secret underground SOS labs & proving grounds.
May 2000
Irwin To Improve Dolls
After receiving A LOT of fan input (see the "Toy Roundup" below), DiC & Irwin work together on manufacturing a more accurate doll line. We also bid farewell to Scott Irwin.
March 2000
Collectible Card Game To Be Released
And we also covered the release of the Button Men game & Character Diary books.
September 1999
The Best Of Anime CD
Rhino Records includes Sailor Moon on an anime compilation CD (and how we didn't get a special mention)!
June 1999
Toy Roundup!
There was so much increased activity concerning toys we thought it best to combine all the different developments into one report (which we wrote at the request of Scott Irwin). Also, discreetly mentioned within the report, was a request from DiC Entertainment asking for fan input concerning future merchandise.
June 1999
We saved the page from the Rhino Records website detailing this 2nd Sailor Moon CD.
May 1999
Chocolate Sailor Moon
As far as we know this tasty treat was manufactured only once in 1999, so if you should come across one now think twice before taking that first big bite!
May 1999
No Deal
Our Irwin procott fails (but a few months later our letter writing campaign to other companies would succeed) plus some non-toy developments.
March 1999
Role-Playing Game and Resource Book Review
A "required buy" for every fan! One of the best products we've ever had the pleasure to review!
December 1998
Heinz Pasta
Yep, this was not some elaborate prank. They actually made this stuff once and fans would buy it! And some would even eat it! Are there no limits to child abuse?!
December 1998
Coast To Coast Watches
These watches featured characters from the "Sailormoon S" series even though there was still no agreement to dub those episodes.
May 1998
Irwin Procott
We urged fans to buy toys from Irwin to encourage the company to pay for the dubbing of "Sailormoon S."
April 1998
Irwin Gets SMS Toy Rights
Although there was no deal to dub "Sailormoon S" yet, the company optioned the right to make dolls of the characters from the series--starting lots of false rumors.
March 1997
Irwin Pays For SMR Finale
Irwin Toys decided to put up the money to get the final 17 episodes of "Sailormoon R" dubbed.
Original Goodies Page
At the start of the campaign we compiled all the merchandise we could find onto this one page until it became far too big for most computers at the time. (RAM was limited and expensive in those days!) So we started to make separate pages for each new goodie (all listed above)! Meanwhile, most of these products are no longer available but they're still fun to search for on ebay and other such sites!

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