The original souvenir program booklet sold during the theatrical release of "Sailormoon R" in Japan. The feature played with 2 shorts, "Make-up Sailor Senshi" & "Tsuyoshi, shikkari nasai!". Souvenir programs, once a staple in the west are still produced for all the big anime releases in Japan.

"Make Up! Sailor Senshi" is a 17 minute theatrical short that accompanied the Sailormoon R movie. It's an introduction of each senshi's power, transformation, etc. Besides recycling old footage from the TV series, new graphics & film were produced for this short.

The "Sailormoon S" feature premiered with the two shorts, "Osawaga! Super Baby" and "Aoki Densetsu Shoot!"
"Rising Sun" Sets
Cartoon Network Acquires Features
SMR & S in Toonami Movies

The Cartoon Network has successfully negotiated the airing of the Sailor Moon animated features. They have been programmed for the Toonami Movie block which has been scheduled to return on Friday, March 2, 5pm EST &PST with the film, "Endless Waltz." The "Sailor Moon R" feature will be shown on Friday, March 16; the "Sailor Moon S" feature will be shown on Friday, April 13. "Sailor Moon SuperS" has not yet been scheduled.

The Cartoon Network's online site (which is not run by the network) originally listed "Sailor Moon R" for Saturday, February 17 at 11am as part of it's "Rising Sun" block of programming. Initially, the network refused to confirm that it had successfully completed negotiations for the features nor that "Sailor Moon R" had been scheduled. Later, the network informed advertisers that it was dropping the "Rising Sun" block since it was not performing well against other networks programming of Saturday Morning cartoons & sports. Starting Saturday, March 10, the Cartoon Network will run repeats of "The Flintstones" & "The Jetsons."

The network informs us however that its "Midnight Run" is doing quite fine and will continue indefinitely.

Congratulations to the Cartoon Network on the acquisition of the features!

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