Uchoten - Episode 119
"Calling all fans! Calling all fans! Be on the lookout for Japanese Episode 119, also known as English Language Episode 112, also known as Sailormoon S Episode 30!
Episode Is Armed, Dangerous and Naked! That is all!"
The Real Reason An Episode Went Missing!

On Friday, July 21, 2000, the Cartoon Network should have presented the next episode of "Sailor Moon S" but didn't. Instead, it skipped an episode. It turns out that the episode was rejected because the Monster Of The Day (known in the original as the daimon Uchoten) was, "...Again too naked!" And also that some edits should have been made.

We around here kinda like it when Cloverway & Optimum push the envelope like this but also understand the network's point-of-view. The Cartoon Network told us that they promise fans that the episode will premiere in it's proper sequence during the current round of repeats. As we originally reported, there may be some pre-emptions along the way by other special programming but that all of the "Sailor Moon S" episodes will be reshown in order. Meanwhile, as we understand the situation, the character in question is being digitally painted with a nice spandex outfit to contrast with her white skin tone.

The skipped episode unfortunately contains some of the most vital and exciting scenes in the series. (Those who haven't seen the series or who want to be surprised should skip the rest of this paragraph as it gives away what happens.) Hotaru is revealed to be Sailor Saturn and what her purpose is. We also learn the last bit of important information concerning Uranus & Neptune's mission. They know that Hotaru must be eliminated. Uranus & Neptune attack Hotaru but Chibi-usa jumps in the way to save her. Sailor Moon then intervenes to save Chibi-usa. To see some videograbs from this episode, visit the excellent Castle In The Sky website and their pages on Episode 119.

The original version of the dubbed episode will be on the DVD to be released by Pioneer. A dubbed VHS version remains to be seen.

Postscript: The missing episode finally aired and instead of a spandex outfit it appears that the Cartoon Network compromised (or backed-down internally) to request only the "Ryoko-like" bikini on display! Also, there were far fewer edits than originally suggested. On behalf of all the fans, thank you Cartoon Network!

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