"We've been dropped!?"


On Monday, July 8, the Cartoon Network dropped Sailor Moon and now intends to skip all of the episodes which were scheduled for the rest of July. The series is supposed to return on Monday, August 5. The Save Our Sailors campaign was led to believe that the series would be shown in order for, at least, all of the Summer. This is why we asked (and then the fans helped to deliver) so many new & old viewers to watch the network.

Outraged fans (which includes us) should call the network at (XXX) XXX-XXXX and press zero when told. If busy, call back and try pressing 2 which will then give you the option of pressing 5 to leave a comment. If you are underage make sure to ask your parents/guardian's permission before making the call.

If you should be successful in talking to an operator or be able to leave a message about your feelings--please do not call the network again. You should however, encourage other Sailor Moon fans to call as well.

Fans who cannot call should visit the Help section of and email a comment.

Fans are encouraged to get as many friends as possible to send in emails from their computers. The more, different addresses the network receives, the better!

We hope to report on this situation soon but it seems pretty clear to us that the problem may rest with a certain, unnamed hamster.

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