Will they really listen? The World Is An Increasingly Strange Place.....

DiC Wants Fan Input

Yes, you read that correctly. You are not on drugs, you are not dreaming, you have not gone to heaven (or for some of you, hell).

DiC Entertainment has asked us to let you know that they are "brainstorming ideas about the Sailor Moon toy line" and would like your response to the questions below. They are taking this very seriously, so please no fooling around!

DiC is currently undertaking a good, hard look at where they are going as a company and this is a once-in-a-lifetime invitation for fans to have a say about one of their properties. We have never heard of an opportunity like this before. Please do not blow it.

Please do not be rude (that's our job)! Please DO NOT write to them concerning ANY of the "Sailormoon" productions themselves. If you've been keeping up with our site you know how they have no real say in any future productions.

DiC Entertainment Would Like To Know:

1. What do you like about the Sailor Moon doll line?
2. What don't you like?
3. What could we do to improve on all the Sailor Moon Toy products?
4. What Sailor Moon products would you like to see that aren't available now?

Please forward all answers to sailormooninfo@go.com


Any suggestions you have will be taken seriously, as we want you to have a role in the future development of this exciting series.

We realize we won't be able to please everybody, and we still have some restrictions in terms of cost, but here's a chance for the fans who have done a great job of helping the show along make a real difference in the designs of the toys.

A Sailor Moon animated theatrical movie will be released in video later this year by Pioneer. I wish we, (DiC) could take credit for this, but it was done through the diligence of Pioneer through Toei Animation.

Thank you, that is all!